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Matchmaker Update!

Wednesday December 24, 2008 | by IncaWarrior

Matchmaker Released:

Unfortunately our original developer of the matchmaker - ALACN - has retired from the world of Populous due to other time commitments. Fortunately I have taken over the development and released an update!

The latest version includes several new features including:

  • Auto-Away: Sets your status to (away) after 20 minutes of not using the matchmaker or not moving your mouse
  • Nick Alerts: Alerts you whenever your name (or any word) is typed in the mm with a friendly DONG!
  • Matchmaker Actions: Type ’/me does something’ to get your message across in action form just like on IRC
  • Nick Tab Completion: Start typing the name of a player in the lobby and hit tab to have the name completed. Hit tab again if you want to get the next name (if there are multiple choices).
  • Map File Comparisons: Now on launch the matchmaker will automatically compare the files the host has installed to the files of all the players to verify that they are exactly the same. This should prevent some resynchronizing.
  • Random Map Generator: As soon as there is a mappack that can use this, I’ll explain more. Basically it generates a randomish map based on scripts using Ted’s random map generator.
  • identd.exe: What is this strange new file? It’s actually an identd server that will allow many people to connect to IRC much faster. You need to set your computer as a DMZ on your router if you’re on a network.

There are a few other minor updates and fixes, but those are fairly obvious on how they work.

Merry Christmas Everyone!


Populous Turns Ten!

Monday November 24, 2008 | by IncaWarrior

A decade of Populous:

A quick look into the game will reveal that Populous: The Beginning was released November 25th, 1998. After ten years, Populous is still kicking! Even after all this time, there is still active development including new mappacks (Try out Asgard Worlds II!) and modifications to the matchmaker (really they’re coming!). Congratulations to everyone involved in keeping Populous alive for all this time, lets hope for another 10 more.


User Worlds and Skins

Sunday May 11, 2008 | by IncaWarrior

User Submitted Worlds 2 Maps Chosen:

Twelve maps have been chosen for USW2. If you are the creator of any of these maps, please email me the .hdr file that you created with the map. I will try to contact everyone who does not respond - if you don't respond or do not care which hdr file, then I'll just make a new one that looks fitting.

The maps included in this pack will be:

  1. Firestorm Hills by Suleiman
  2. Shaman Wars by [HUN]Dezsike
  3. Twisnado by White darkness
  4. Rush to the Middle by Synchro
  5. Constant Threat by shadude
  6. Thrust by Hermit
  7. Path to Nowhere by Hermit
  8. Maze of Mountains by jasnic
  9. Get the Middle by [GoD]Psych
  10. Double Two Ways by Kobra
  11. Mysterious Embers (fog on) by [xXx]Kryuell
  12. Jail by Vex_Kid

Map creators, please email me at with your .hdr file.

New Skins:

There have been a few new skins for the matchmaker added lately including:

  • Classic 3.0 (new menu buttons)
  • Populous Champs
  • Dark Blue
  • Team Mayhem
  • King of Kings
  • Chaotic Warriors
You can try them out by downloading them from the skin page.


Pictures and Wiki

Sunday January 6, 2008 | by IncaWarrior

Picture Section Back:

Some of you might remember how we used to have a picture section on this site several years ago. Well after a lengthy hiatus, the picture section has returned! It's a bit empty at the moment so we need lots of people to submit picture to go on it (you'll get full credit for anything you submit). You must be logged in to submit a picture, and all picture must be approved by an admin after you submit it.

Populous Wiki:

Long time contributer to Populous and programmer of serveral useful Populous programs, TedTycoon has setup his Populous Wiki on our servers. If you have any handy facts about populous, just head on over there and add them to the appropriate section, or go ahead and browse the many pages already created.

[Network] Tribe Swap Callouts:

Over at one of our network sites, The Dakini Hut, Suleiman is working on a project somewhat like Populous: Reversed was suppose to be. If you have experience with Populous sprites or AI and want to contibute, you should take a visit to the site and submit an application