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Matchmaker Updated!

Sunday December 28, 2003 | by TheGabber

Matchmaker Update:

There were some security issues with the previous matchmaker versions, these are now solved! Download MatchMaker version now!


Tournament Worlds Updated!

Friday December 26, 2003 | by TheGabber

Tournament Worlds Update:

Tourny Worlds has been updated with 2 new maps. Tourny Maps 1 and 2 are for the Mini Leagues (Group matches), Maps 3 and 4 will be used for the Semi-Finals. More maps for Quarter-Finals and End-Final will be added in future versions. You can download TournyWorlds V 1.3 now!


Matchmaker Update!

Tuesday December 23, 2003 | by TheGabber

Matchmaker Updated:

Populous Reincarnated Matchmaker has been updated to version! We included a new protocol which allows everyone to play online without the use of Electronic Arts servers! Untill January 8, 2004 people can still play on the Electronic Arts server, after that you can all use the JustIRC lobby grin.

Download Matchmaker here.


Team Tournament 2003!

Friday December 19, 2003 | by TheGabber

Upcoming Tournament:

We will organize a 7-days Team-Tournament starting Thuesday, December 23! We made a special forum section called "Events" where you can sign-up or read more about the tournament's rules etc. Make sure you get fermiliar with the forums, as it will be used as our table of honours. For more info about the Tournament click here !


New Forum!

Monday December 15, 2003 | by TheGabber

Forum Update:

Forums have been updated with a similar layout as the main site, go check it out!


Populous News!

Sunday December 14, 2003 | by TheGabber

Populous News:

"Electronic Arts" has announced that will be closed on January 8, 2004. We are currently hard at work creating our own server, so don't worry that populous can't be played online anymore! When Electronic Arts closes, our "MatchMaker" will be updated and will use our own server. Everyone will be notified by email once this will take place.


Reloaded Update!

Wednesday November 19, 2003 | by TheGabber

Reloaded News:

There was a map missing in Populous: Reloaded BETA 2.6, so we had to updated it to version 2.7. "Architect" is added properly.

Click here to go to the Mods page.


New Mappack by Khickman!

Tuesday November 18, 2003 | by TheGabber

New Worlds News:

A new mappack has been added to the New Worlds collective: "Fate Worlds". This mappack contains levels made by Khickman. You can download it now on our Downloads/Maps page

Click here to go to the Maps page.


Matchmaker updated to!

Saturday November 15, 2003 | by TheGabber

Matchmaker News:

There were some problems with Matchmaker amungst Win98 and WinME users. This problem is now fixed. We also added some new features: Flash minimalized windows and alert sound when private messege, Directory button (allows people to check their mappacks folder) and Refresh Button (allows to refresh map names list).

Download Matchmaker version Here (Uninstall of previous versions is recommended, uninstaller is located in "control panel / software").

We also changed all mappacks to auto-installing executables! There seemed to be alot of people who can't read properly (although everything was explained as simple as possible). Now all people have to do is READ THE THINGS BELOW PROPERLY BEFORE DOWNLOADING NEW WORLDS!!!

Download matchmaker, install matchmaker, start matchmaker, go to our downloads page, click on the mappacks (choose either "open from current location" or "save to disk"), install the downloaded files and again READ everything during the install process! After installing the mappacks, go back to the matchmaker and click on the "Refresh" button in the MODS section.


Click here to go to the Downloads page.



Thursday November 13, 2003 | by IncaWarrior

Public Matchmaker Released:

Populous Reincarnated has it's very own Populous matchmaker, but unlike previous lobbies (notably Servant's CTECH Lobby) this one works like a launcher using the EA server already in place. The new matchmaker is written by ALACN in Delphi, so no more searching the internet for the deprecated Microsoft VM, or updating your version of Java. This is only the first public version of the lobby so not all the features are in place, but it is fully functional for playing and chatting. This matchmaker will be used for the upcoming competition as we can add extra huts for users of this lobby, and can keep track of wins on our site.

Upcoming features include:

  • Signatures to clarify which lobby other people use
  • Automated Map Pack checking and installation
The new matchmaker is availible for download here.


Matchmaker released

Wednesday November 12, 2003 | by TheGabber

Matchmaker News:

The moment you've all been waiting for has come! Matchmaker is finally available for download. Finally you can play all new worlds without problems. This version has automatic map install, so whenever the host installed a mappack, and you join, your maps will be installed automatically (you must have the same mappacks as the host ofcourse, otherwise the player who failed to install will be notified and the game will not launch).

Download Matchmaker version Here.

New Worlds are also re-released, they only work on the new matchmaker so make sure you delete all previous mappack installers and new worlds setups like always!

Go here to download New Worlds


New Site!

Monday November 10, 2003 | by TheGabber

Website News:

Its been longer than a year that this site exists, so we decided to give it a new fresh look! We hope you all like it.



Saturday October 18, 2003 | by IncaWarrior

Competition News:

Everyone who has the game but doesn't play anymore, should start playing the game again now that our competitions will take place in a few weeks! Lots of old players have already returned to the Matchmaker and many new people as well! People who don't have the game yet, you can download the Populous Demo at fileplanet. Make sure you also download the Version 1.01 Patch!.
Since Theres no players in the Demo-room lately, dont leave at the moment you enter it and find noone there, instead (if you feel lonely) go to room 1, and ask if theres anyone there with the Demo. If you're a patient person, stay in the Demo-room for a while and wait for people, the Demo only allows 2 players to play online, so just give it a try! Afterall, demo winners will be able to win the full version game!!


Good News for everyone!

Friday September 26, 2003 | by TheGabber

Competitions coming soon:

As many of our members could have read in the forums allready, we will organize a competition soon. Actually it will be divided in 2; one competition for DEMO players, and one for FULL-Version players. DEMO players can win a full original copy of "Populous: The Beginning". FULL-Version players can win a newly released game, not decided yet which one this will be... Anyways, start mailing or calling your friends, make some huge posters and paste them all over the city, make as many people join as possible, if nothing helps just put on your Shaman-Outfit and run over the streets screaming ""KA, KA, TAKAA!!!"



Thursday June 5, 2003 | by TheGabber

New Worlds Update:

The next version of New Worlds: Special Edition is now availible for download. The update includes the new "User Submitted Worlds" map pack with maps submitted by RuthlesSpy, IncaWarrior, Kurtangle, Banshee, Chris "Marc" Dailey, and two bonus maps by TheGabber himself. This version also includes a New Worlds Theme Launcher using CDplayers lobby mod v1.06. The menu also includes: a [R]estore button, a [P]lay button to launch the local launcher, a [C]tech button to go to the Ctech website, and a Populous: Reincarnated [W]ebsite button. New Worlds SE v2 is compatible with SE v1, and there is a small update availible for those with SE v1. The full installation, update, and launcher are all availible on the Downloads page.



Tuesday May 6, 2003 | by TheGabber

Populous Reincarnated News:

Our good old CTECH programmer "Servant"(member of Populous: Reincarnated Team) has finished the CTECH populous matchmaker :-) From now on people can play Populous 3 on this server with everything that it always needed! No longer will people be allowed to hack in with fake names, no more flooding, faul language etc etc like on the old matchmaker!! This matchmaker is really unique, and a must-have for all Populous players (even people who dont have the game should know about this) On this matchmaker, people can play "Populous III: The Beginning", "Populous III: Undiscovered Worlds" and ofcourse our "Populous: Reincarnated - New Worlds". No longer will people have to install the mappacks manually, the server will do this all automatically (YES even with Undiscovered Worlds!), so absolutely nothing can go wrong now! Theres so many features on this server (and new ones coming) you should check for yourselves: Click here to download the Matchmaker! Click here to go to the downloads page for the files.



Tuesday March 11, 2003 | by TheGabber

Populous Reincarnated News:

Finally its ready.  After a long time, New Worlds "Special Edition" has been completed.  All old mappacks, like Oil and Sand worlds, have been completely renewed.  I also made a menu, which allows people to select mappacks much easier.  The menu has 14 mappacks, a "help" button and a link to our Launcher.  You can keep this menu opened during play, it will not take up any RAM or cause lag.  For those who are not fermiliar with New Worlds, maps can't be added to Populous. That's why we make our maps replace excisting 2 and 3 ways. When you activate a New Worlds mappack, you can't play any 2 or 3 ways. All our maps are 4 ways so up to 15 maps can appear in the list when hosting a 4 way. The original 4 ways won't be touched by our maps,so you can still join all normal 4 ways. Whenever you close the menu, the "Restore" wizard will be opened. Use this to restore the original 2 and 3 ways.  Click here to go to the downloads page for the files.



Sunday January 5, 2003 | by TheGabber

Populous Reincarnated News:

First of all, Happy New Year sods. Its been a long time since we last updated the site. I changed my internet connection thus I couldn't be online for 3 months. To make it all up, we released 3 new Beta Mappack Installers. If all Betas work correctly, it wont take long till the new setup willbe released, as well as an update for those who already have "New Worlds setup v4". The 3 new BETA releases are: "Odd Worlds Beta 6", "Space Worlds Beta 1" and "Battle Worlds Beta 1". Installing them works same as all other updates or setups, just run the program, read the information included in the program and when its finished you will see shortcuts on your desktop (and start menu) which you can use to install the mappack. Click here to go to the downloads page for the files.

Battle Worlds - Coastal Chaos

Odd Worlds - Spyral

battleSpace Worlds - Battle Arena