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Saturday September 23, 2006 | by TheGabber


Most people who use the internet know that it's not always wise to download or accept an unknown program from a stranger, or visit strange urls which they receive in their emails from unknown senders, without thinking about the concequences.

There have been some complaints about accounts being edited and passwords changed after the use of certain (unofficial) programs for populous, or after registering/logging in on websites/forums which were posted in the lobby or received by email.
As stated in our terms, it is not allowed (and certainly not advisable if youre ignorant) to use any unofficial third-party programs which depend on our matchmaker's services.
It has happened before that someone made a hacked version of the matchmaker which infected the victim's PC with a virus. Just make sure you don't install any unknown programs and don't visit strange urls posted by people you dont know and you will be fine. If you have doubts, you can always ask a well-known (high ranked) player, or even better, contact an admin about it.


New Website

Saturday July 1, 2006 | by IncaWarrior

More features:

There are a few new things with the new site that everyone should know about. First the whole thing is that the whole site is better integrated with the forum so you'll find some things a bit easier to work with if you're logged in.

A new clan system where you can add or remove tags easily, as well as administrate your clans is here. If you want to start a clan, the page contains a link to a page where you can create a clan (though you need to do some things before it will be active).

For those of you who are sick of your old name, well you still will lose some points, but now it's easier to do. You can test out getting a new name from the lobby info page, or the name change page where you can check if you can change, and later request the change from an admin with the press of a button!

Also there are some changes in the forums. First the different forums have been reorganized a bit depening on their use.

The topics are organized similar to how they were a while back so on each thread you'll ge the first post of the thread followed by the latest 25 posts of the thread when you click the link to the topic on the topic selection page.

You probably also noticed at the top of the page we have a random fact about a brave. That box will have several facts in it eventually each with a small page about it.

Some problems:

There are a few problems that have arisen from changing the site - many of you noticed you couldn't log in to the matchmaker this morning, that's fixed now - I'll be working on fixing anything, so just send me an email if you see anything that's not working properly (such as the logout button not logging you out).


New Server

Thursday February 9, 2006 | by IncaWarrior

Forum Moved:

Part of Gamespy's transition to new and improved servers is this move of the forum from to its new home:
// Please update all links that go directly to the forum and bear with us while we finish off the transition.

Matchmaker Problems:

Another issue with moving is that the matchmaker is still trying to login to the old server so you won't be able to login until ALACN releases a new matchmaker version which should be out by tomorrow. In the mean time I'll try to get the lobby open without connecting to the server.


Tournament 2005 Winner

Wednesday January 18, 2006 | by IncaWarrior

Congratulations to [C]yborg:

Congratulations to [C]yborg who won the 2005 Populous Tournament with a total of 161 points. In second place we had abbadon with a total of 156 points, and in third place was Leo Turtle_TP with 137 points. Thanks to all who participated.