Hand Populous Reincarnated

The Beginning

What sort of gameplay can I expect from Populous 3?
Populous 3 offers goal-orientated, objective gameplay. Within each level, you'll be building towards a purpose, such as colonising a specific region of the landscape, obtaining certain spells, defeating up to three computer-controlled opponents, etc. For the most part, you'll be controlling a shaman who wanders across the landscape, influencing people and casting spells. Once a level's complete, you'll be rewarded with new spells, new buildings, more powerful attacks and new abilities for the members of your population.

What sort of spells/powers are featured in Populous 3?
In Populous, the Shaman of the tribe has a number of special powers including the ability to reincarnate if killed, and casting spells. The spells vary in effect from a simple Convert which causes the native wildmen to convert to your tribe, to Landbridge, which will connect two points by raising the land in between, up to the mighty Volcano - something you can probably figure out.

What kind of characters are there?
Populous has six types of followers. There are the braves who are the builders of your tribe, spies who can infiltrate and sabotage enemies, warriors who are experts and hand to hand combat, preachers who can convince enemy followers to join your tribe, firewarriors who can throw balls of fire at enemies, and finally the shaman who is the leader of the tribe.

What kind of buildings are there?
The braves of the tribe are skilled at making several structures. Huts will increase the size of the tribe and can be upgraded to larger sizes. Training huts are used to train a follower as a spy, warrior, preacher, or firewarrior based on the design. Guard towers give a tall lookout point to protect areas, and work as starting points for new settlements. Finally, boat and balloon huts can construct boats and balloons.

What's the control interface like?
All control can be done through the mouse. In fact, you'll be able to play the game entirely one-handed. Having said that, there are various keyboard shortcut options for those who prefer to speed up their controls.

What are the system requirements for Populous 3?
Essentially anything built in the past decade will run Populous, and every version of Windows from 95 has been able to run it. At least 16 MB of RAM is needed, and something greater than dial-up works best for hosting.

Why won't Populous run with Windows XP/Vista/7?
Populous was made for Windows 98, but that doesn't mean you can't use it. Make sure you have the latest patches downloaded, and possibly download a full install. Changing the installation directory of Populous to somewhere outside of the standard Program Files (such as your Documents folder) will help immensely, but if it is installed in the default location, running it as admin will work best. Again you will need a "complete" installation of Populous.

What are all these boxes and fuzzy graphics in D3D mode?
This is usually a problem with your graphics card. Try downloading all the latest drivers from the manufacturer, and change all the appearance settings to max in the advanced display window. The "Fix texture" option in the matchmaker may help for online play.

Why does my mouse lag or flicker when I play in D3D mode?
This is a problem with your graphics card's mouse framerate. The matchmaker option "Fix Mouse" will solve this issue.

Are there any single player maps/mods that I can get now that I've finished the game?
There is the official level pack "Undiscovered Worlds" (maps can be found in the download section). There are also a few campaigns by players that are scattered around the Maps forum.

How can I fix the messed up colors?
Press [Scroll Lock] to refresh the color palette. Sometimes this key is found on another key (possibly a picture of a lock with an arrow). If you can't find your scroll lock key, it's a good idea to bind it to another key so you can use it. Alt-tabbing or adjusting the gamma can also fix the colors.

New Worlds

Where do I get New Worlds?
You can download New Worlds from the download section of this site or using the mappack downloader integrated with the matchmaker. New Worlds are completely free and not sold in any stores.

How do I install maps?
Once downloaded, map packs can be installed from the mods panel of the matchmaker to play online. Mappacks are automatically installed on launch if the game.

Why isn't my map pack showing up on the mods page after I just installed it?
If you manually installed the map pack or mod while the matchmaker was running, you must press the [Refresh] button or restart the matchmaker. Map packs must be signed by a Populous Reincarnated map pack checker for them to show up in the matchmaker.

Can I install all mappacks at the same time?
No, our maps replace the original multiplayer maps. Every time you install a map pack, the originals are backed up and new maps are installed in their place. To go back to the original maps, install the mappack "The Beginning" or "Currently Installed".

Can I play New Worlds or other multiplayer maps against the computer?
Currently there is no way to play any multiplayer maps against the computer, and have the computer play back. It's possible to preview the maps by changing file names, or using a level loader, but the AI needs to be customized for a map.

How do I design my own maps?
Maps can be designed using the Populous World Editor. It's worth reading through the help files and some of the tutorials on the Populous Wiki to figure out how it works.

How do I test my new map?
To test a new map, first submit the map to the website. The uploaded maps will show up on the user submitted maps page. Only maps #266 and higher can be played in the matchmaker.

In the matchmaker, enable map testing on the Populous tab in Options (all testers must do this). There will then be a new "map pack" available labeled "* Test Map" at the top of the map pack list. Click that and pick the map to play on the list for install. Only the host needs to select the map.

Multiplayer Populous

I've installed Populous: The Beginning.. What should I do before I dive into multiplayer mode?
Download and install the patch. You'll need to update to version 1.03. Go to our downloads page for information and a download link.

Ok, I'm patched. Now what?
Download the Matchmaker and follow the instructions to connect to a server.

I made it to the lobby! What am I looking at?
On the left, you'll see empty spots. These are known as "huts". You'll notice that if you double-click on one of the huts, you'll see your name appear in the "empty" space. If you are the first one in the hut, you'll be the host (will be explained later). If someone else is the host, all you have to do is wait for the hut to fill up, and for the host to launch. The center is the chat applet, where you can chat with the rest of the people in the lobby (excluding the people who are in game). And to the right are the other players that are online. Top right are the people who are waiting to join a game (or just there to chat) and the bottom are people who are currently playing.

I jumped into a hut that already had people in it. Now where am I?
Well, if your Populous game loaded, that means that the "host" "launched" the game. You are now in the area where the host chooses the settings for the games. Here he/she can select which level to play, select which spells to enable/disable, select which buildings to allow, turn fog on or off, turn forge world on or off, and select the number of lives each tribes' shaman will have. If you're not hosting all you have to do is click "Ready." and wait for the host to finish customizing the settings. Once he is done, and everyone else is ready, the game will start.

What are all the settings that the host can choose?
If you don't know what spells are, you should consult the The Beginning FAQ section. The host can choose whether or not to allow certain spells to be used in the game. Note: This does not prevent you from obtaining and using any spells that are awarded to you from heads.
Again, if you don't know the buildings please see the The Beginning FAQ. The host can choose which buildings he wants everyone to be able to build. Again, this does not prevent you from using any buildings that are awarded to you from heads.
The level is the world that your battle will take place on. It doesn't really need much explaination.. you'll learn all the levels after playing them for a while.
Guest Spells
The choices of Bloodlust, Teleport, Armageddon, or Random (chooses one of the previous options) that will be availible for all players to charge during the game. Levels that include heads that give out any of these spells will not let you have these.
When fog is enabled, it covers the world in a black fog so that you can only see places where you've been before. You must explore - you'll notice that every step one of your followers, or your shaman takes, it uncovers the area that that follower/shaman is in. Hint: spies come in handy ;)
This setting will be set to "infinite" almost 100% of the time. However, the host has the option of restricting the number of times each players' shamen will reincarnate. If, for example, the host sets it to 2, your shaman may only die twice. After that, her reincarnation site will sink into the ground and it will be up to just your followers and your own wit.
Force 640 x 480
This was a feature for when there were people that couldn't play in higher resolutions, but wanted the game to be fair. Just leave it off.
Forge world
Forge world is a designated time of 120 seconds at the beginning of the round where you can "forge" your land. To forge your land you are given many tools, and a specified area around your reincarnation site to work with. You can level off your land, set hills, make crators and valleys, build landbridges, raise land (good for making land on the water. Doesn't do much on areas where there is already land), erode land, set trees and set wildmen. You can use each tool only 5 times, so use them wisely. The most common mistake of beginners during forge world is bad setting of their wildmen. Since when you reincarnate after forge world, you don't have the normal 6 braves, it's a smart technique to set braves within your reincarnation site. Good players will wait until the last 5 seconds of the forge world, then set all the wildies in the reincarnation site. This way, they don't have time to run away and you get the most amount of braves when you reincarnate.

What if I don't like the settings that the host has chosen?
This is what the "Ready" option is for. As long as you haven't clicked "ready" the host cannot launch the game. So if you aren't satisfied with a certain setting the host set, click "Ready" until it says "no" and try to work it out with the host. Do remember that you can't always get what you want, and after all, you did join HIS hut. Most of the time things can be worked out between the players and the host and everyone will be happy. If you absolutely just can't stand the host and his/her settings, just leave before the game even starts. It's definitely not encouraged, but it's still better than quitting during the actual game.

How do I host a game?
To host a game of Populous, just enter the first place of an empty hut (host places are the ones slightly to the left) . Wait for others to join you in your hut. Once full, click the "Launch" button below the huts list. The game will launch and you will be brought to the area where you choose your settings ( unless someone doesn't have the same mappack as the host, the game will not launch and players will be notified who failed to install). If no players appear, you probably need to forward ports correctly. Change the settings until you, as well as the other players are satisfied. Once everyone is ready, click "Start." If all went well, you will see the level that you chose, and all the shamen will reincarnate.

How do I forward ports?
In order to host from behind a router, Populous must have ports forwarded. Google can usually show you instructions specific to your router, but in general, port 7575 UDP needs to be forwarded to work. This also need to be open in your firewall. To test if it is working, try the port test in the Matchmaker.