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Virus Alert

Friday December 23, 2005 | by TheGabber


Recently, a person named "Vaguener" made a hacked version of our Matchmaker which contains a new virus.
Who this person is and why he tries to spread a virus over the populous community is unknown.
The virus copies itself into many exe files as soon as the "hacked_popmm.exe" is opened, it will start a trojan called "kelly.exe".

People who never used the "hacked_popmm" dont have to worry about this virus, the official Matchmaker which was made by us is NOT infected and you cannot get infected by using it either!
Let this be a warning (and a lesson) to all people who use hacked software!
For those who are already infected, good luck!
I had to format my harddisk and reinstall windows without being able to back-up most things as they were already infected after i tried to see how the "hacked_popmm" worked...

Make sure you download the Matchmaker from this website only to make sure you don't get this virus too!



Wednesday December 7, 2005 | by IncaWarrior

Tournament 2005:

The Populous Reincarnated Tournament 2005 will begin this Saturday, December 10th. It will run three weeks until the end of the year. All members of Populous Reincarnated are instantly entered into this tournament and it will run on a league parallel to the main one. The player at the end of the year with the most total points will be the winner and recieve a copy of Black and White 2.

Clan Competition 2006:

Beginning January 1, 2006, a new clan competition will take place. Clan matches will be organized throughout the year and a final playoff tournament will be held sometime at the end of the year. This will hopefully create more competition between clans. If you are interested in your clan participating in this event or would like to help in any way, contact [AsG]Boyd on the MatchMaker or through the official website.
The link to the official website for updated scores, results, and rankings is located on the Links page.



Wednesday October 5, 2005 | by IncaWarrior

Interesting Read:

I was chatting in the lobby with some older players and we got around to talking about CDplayer's Site. While I was looking over it for the first time in a while, I found the Etiquette page. If everyone were to follow those guidelines the lobby would be a nicer place - they're a bit more layed back than Servants 10 commandmants code. Of course if you're one of those nice players, it's always cool to just read through some of CD's strategies.

More Leagues:

There's been a bit of chat about having more league tables setup apart from the main one, so we'll probably be starting seperate table beginning at the start of next year. It should give the new players a chance to get a bit higher up.


World Editor

Friday August 12, 2005 | by IncaWarrior

World Editor 1.2 Released:

Alacn has released a new version of his Populous World Editor - a very nice program that lets players edit levels easily and visually. It is able to edit both multiplayer and singleplayer levels and now has full support for singleplayer AI scripts.

New Choices for clan tags:

Due to popular demand, I've made some changes to the clan tag page so you can now add the tag in a different way. The options now are an underscore at the end (IncaWarrior_TN) and brackets at the beginning ([TN]IncaWarrior). For those of you who had trouble with this page while I was still working out the bugs (strange combinations of clan tags and zeros), please visit the page again as you should be able to correct and problems you've been having.

Mappack Updates:

There have also been a few mappack updates including the full New Worlds package and an update to Symmetry Worlds. We also had a new mappack "Sunny Worlds" created by DakiniShaman that was released featuring a nice selections of maps.


New Worlds 2005

Sunday May 22, 2005 | by IncaWarrior

Purely packs:

The latest version of new worlds has been released. This version contains only the maps, no skies or mod data so the total size comes to less than two megabytes, not a large download for most people. A number of bugs have been fixed in map packs 1 through 16 so they are pretty much perfect. Since this version contains only maps and level settings, the names have been removed and they will show up as New Worlds 1, New Worlds 2, etc in the matchmaker. We recommend you delete previous versions of new worlds to avoid confusion when installing maps.

(Network - Populous Vault) Manual Install Instructions:

For those of you who are having trouble with installing Populous on Windows XP, you might want to check out Khickman's new page on manually installing Populous. He gives clear instructions on copying game files and which programs need to be run to make the game work.


A Couple updates

Sunday May 15, 2005 | by IncaWarrior

Matchmaker Update:

For those of you that missed it, ALACN finished the latest version of the matchmaker that includes several chat control functions and a "force lower case" option. It also prevents too many messages in a period of time, so if you're getting a "send msg disabled" message, slow down your typing a bit.

The new matchmaker version also includes a different way of detecting users with multiple accounts on the same computer that is not based on IP address. If you haven't already, be sure to let him know if you share a computer with someone since chances are one of you will lose your account if you don't

Map Pack Updates:

We also have a few changes to map packs. Fate and DBM Worlds have both been updated from version 1.0 to version 1.1 to fix some issues and improve a few things. If you're a fan of these then you probably should download them so you're up to par with everyone else playing.

RSS Feed (Atom):

Ever wish you could use your RSS client with Populous Reincarnated? Well now you can! All new articles are automatically added to the atom.xml file on the server that is accessible by most RSS clients.



Saturday March 5, 2005 | by TheGabber

New Modification:

Here's a mod for popfanatics who think it's 4:20 most time of the day. The mod will only enhance the 4-player maps of "The Beginning" (not on any mappacks!). Here's a screenshot:
Marihuana Mod

You can download the Marihuana Mod here

Desktop Wallpaper:

If you always wanted a Populous: Reincarnated wallpaper than here's your chance to get it. This zip file contains two bmp files. Download the Populous: Reincarnated Wallpaper here!


Lava worlds 2004

Wednesday January 19, 2005 | by TheGabber


Lava Worlds 2004 have been updated to v1.2, this may be the final version as all known bugs should now be fixed. Here are two screenshots with the new displacements and skies for the maps:
Lava Worlds Lava Worlds

You can download Lava Worlds 2004 v1.2 from the Downloads Page

Report Page:

(IncaWarrior) To keep things organized, I've added a report player page where you can leave a report about people that are misbehaving.