Create a Clan

Have an idea for a new clan and want to get it up and running? Well that's great but there are a few things you'll need before you can get one.

First you'll need a name and tag for your clan (keep the tag 2-3 characters and don't put [] in it). Next we require that you have a website for your clan with a few basic pages. It must have some sort of front page with a bit of information about the clan, it must have a member list, and it must have some type of a message board. A Discord server will fulfill these requirements.

After that you're almost set, you just have to fill out this form (the special follower is "shaman") and get five people to sign up with it (send them to this page). Make sure you have a good accurate description of your clan. You have one week from the time you fill out the form to get the five other members until the clan is deleted and you have to start over.

Once you have all of the requirements, the clan will be voted on by a random selection of older members of the community to authorize the full creation of the clan and you'll get an email notifying you that it is done. This is done automatically at midnight PST with no action needed by you or an administrator from PopRe. Contacting a PopRe admin will not help your clan be created.

In order to create a new clan, you must be logged in.