Hand Populous Reincarnated

Populous Reincarnated Matchmaker

Getting Started

Note: You need to get the latest patch before you can play on the matchmaker. You can get the Collective Patch (1.03) Here. Download and run the patch before using the matchmaker.

First off go to our forum and register a name. If you haven't played the game, the first spell you get is "blast".

Next download the matchmaker. Since that is the installer, it is not necessary to save the file to disk, only run it.

Once the file is downloaded, open it and run through the installation. Open the matchmaker from the start menu, you should see something like this:
The [Main] Window
The [Main] Window

  1. The lobby that you will join, they're all linked but if one doesn't work then try another.
  2. The name you registered with in the forum.
  3. Your password.
  4. Login/Logout to the server.
  5. [Connect] connects you to the lobby, [Disconnect] disconnects you.

Enter your login information that you registered here for Nickname and Password, then click Login. You may be asked to run the auto-updater, if you are, press "Yes" and let the auto-updater run. When it is done, launch the matchmaker end Login again.

When the [Logout] button appears, pick a room (all the freequest rooms go to the same place) and press [Connect]. You should be connected at this point and there will be people in the lobby who can help you with anything else.If you have problems, check the Forums for more information.

Reporting Problems

We know that sometimes you will have problems with people in the lobby and an admin won't be around, so we have a report page that you can report a player with.



Auto-updater and Signed files
All the files included in the matchmaker have been signed in a file called "signatures.dat". If there are any files corrupted or missing, the matchmaker will not run, and will instead prompt you to run the auto-update program. The auto-update program also will run when there is a new version of the matchmaker released. The matchmaker must be closed for this to run through completely.
Saved Data
For your convenience, the matchmaker will store all settings, and has an option to save your login information. The data is stored encrypted and will only work on the computer it was saved on. It is required that you save your login info to update special versions of the matchmaker.
As you get points from winning games, you will be given a rank for the matchmaker (one of the followers in the game)based on how many points you have. You start off as a wildman, the highest rank is the Blue Shaman. There are also some special ranks for Administrators (Gold Shaman), Moderators (Red Shaman), and Mappack Checkers (Green Shaman).
Rooms (Servers and Channels)
When you start the matchmaker for the first time, there will probably be no rooms available. When you login, the latest rooms are downloaded and cached for later. A room is simply a channel on an IRC server. If you want to connect to a non Populous Reincarnated server, you need the file "popmm_custom.dat" with the server information in the following format:
   <network name="network1">
      <server name="Server1" server="irc.server1.net" port="9999" 
      			channel="#chan" password="pwd" ssl />
      <server name="Server2" server="irc.server1.net" port="7000" 
      			channel="#chan" password="pwd" />
If you're running you own room, I suggest you set /mode #chan +b #popmm x?????_*!*@* so that only people logged in can connect to the channel.
Not everyone likes the default look of the matchmaker, but fortunately it is possible to 'skin' it (change the appearance). There are a number of skins with previews available on the Skins Page. These are mostly installers which will automatically put the skin in place, but if you happen to get one without an installer, just put the file "skin.zip" in the matchmaker directory, replacing the one that is in there. To refresh the current skin of the matchmaker while it is running, type "!reloadskin" into the chat box and hit send.
Skin Manager
Since the above process is a little more complicated than most people would like, there's also a skin manager included to download and manage skins for you. On the options page, click on the [Change] button next to the skin. There you can see a preview of a skin and if you like the look of it, press the install button and it will download and install it for you.


Most players in the Populous Community like to talk, so the matchmaker makes it easy to chat with other players. A couple things to note, your name will show up as a different color than the other players, as will any admin or mod.
Action Commands
Sometimes people want to express themselves in actions instead of normal sentences. You can do that by starting your text with '/me' and following it with you action as in '/me does something'. Usually you want to follow '/me' with a verb to have it make sense.
Language Filter
The matchmaker comes with a language filter that is by default turned on. If you like seeing those naughty words, you can turn it off on the options page. If there's more filth that you don't want to see, you can edit the filter to include more words by clicking the edit button next to the checkbox on the options page.
Blocking Players
Getting annoyed at a player or just don't want to read their ramblings about how many huts they destroyed that game 3 years ago? You can right click on a player's name on the right hand side list and click block to stop hearing from them. To unblock them, right click on the name and select unblock. There is also a list of players blocked on the options page. You can add more players to your block list by typing their name in the field at the bottom and pressing the [Enter] key. To remove players from the list, select the name and press the [Del] key.
Matchmaker Version of Players
As it is sometimes possible for players to have different matchmaker versions, you can check the version of other players to see what version they have by right clicking on their name on the right side list and clicking [Version]. This will also tell you if they have a special (Admin or Mappack Admin) version of the matchmaker.
Tab Complete
Easy way to finish the name of a player in the lobby. Start typing the player's name and press tab. If there are multiple choices for names, press tab again to cycle through them.
User Sorting
On the options page there are a couple different ways to sort the users on the list lobby page. If you choose sort by name, the users will be sorted alphabetically. If you choose sort by rank, users will be sorted from highest rank to lowest and alphabetically within ranks. The ignore clan tag box will make the alphabetical sorting start after the clan tag.
Private Messages
Sometimes you want to tell someone something that you don't want everyone to know. For that we have private messages. Double click on a name on the right, or on a name in the chat window and you the chat field will get the private message header to let you send someone a message. You can have the matchmaker ring a bell and flash in the task bar when you get a private message by setting it in the options.
Away Messages
Sometimes you can't be at the computer while you're logged into the matchmaker and it's nice to let people know that you're not just ignoring them. To set an away message, type "!away Your away message" and that message will appear next to your name on the right side list to everyone. There are also some convenient quick messages you can use: !afk, !asleep, !atwork, !away, !brb, !busy, !dead, !eating, !sleeping, and !zzz.
Auto Away
If you forget to set your away message, there is fortunately an auto-away feature that will automatically set you away after 20 minutes of not using the matchmaker or moving the mouse (you can choose which on the options page). This will not ovewrite other away messages and will turn off when you come back again.
Nick Alerts
Nick alerts work by ringing a bell and flashing the matchmaker when someone says a word you specify and you are not using the matchmaker. You can put as many words as you would like to be alerted by in the box under the nick alerts checkbox.
On the left of the window are 20 "huts" each with space for four players. To join a hut, double click on an unoccupied space. To leave a hut, press the "Exit Hut" button at the bottom left. If you get stuck in a hut, it is because you have been switching huts and have been frozen for 30 seconds.
Hut Passwords
If you want to setup a hut with a password, when you're in the hosting position, right click on your name and click 'Set Password'. Anyone who wants to join your hut will need to type in the password before they can join a position in your hut.
To host a game, join the top position of a hut. As a host you are able to pick the mappack for the game and are responsible for launching the game when other players have joined. To launch the game, press the "Launch" button at the bottom left. Hosts also have the ability to kick players from their hut. To do this, select a player, then right click on their name and press "Kick".

Maps, Mods, and Mappacks

Mappacks are packs of maps stored in zip files with a text file that contains names and other information about the maps. Mappacks can also contain textures and skies for the maps in some of the Mods. All mappacks must be signed by an administrator or mappack administrator of PopRe before they will show up on the Mods page in the matchmaker. Included in the mappacks are the standard levels (The Beginning) and the maps from Undiscovered Worlds.
Viewing Mappacks and Maps
You can preview the contents of a mappack before installing and playing it on the mods page. The mappacks you have installed will be on the list on the left of the window. Double click on a mappack to bring up a list of the maps and general information about the pack. Double click on a map to view a 2D preview of it which you can scroll around by clicking and dragging your mouse on it. Some map information including the number of players will also appear. If you are hosting a game and want to play the mappack, press the install button.
Random Mappacks
Random mappacks will bring up an extra box on the mods page with fields for the number of players and a seed. The seed is the identifying number for the maps. Everytime a script is run with the same seed, the map will be the same. Seeds can be any number from 1 to around 2 million, but to make things simpler, they are between 1 and 10,000 when randomly generated. When you install a random mappack, the levels are generated and it works like any other mappack. When you launch a random mappack, you will notice that the number of players and the seed are sent along with the normal launch message so the other players will have the same maps generated. Because they must be generated each time, random maps take a little bit longer to view and install.
Downloading Mappacks
All the mappacks are available for download on this website on the Maps Page, but you can also download the mappacks from within the matchmaker. To do this, click the "Download Mappacks" button on the mods page. If the list is blank or there was an error, press the update button and wait for the list to populate. The list will show all the packs that can be downloaded with an icon next to them and the packs already installed with no icon. To download a mappack, click on the name and press the download button. That mappack will be downloaded and appear on the list to the left.
Downloading Mappacks on Launch
Normally when the host launches a game with a mappack, the pack will be automatically installed and the game will start. If you don't have the pack and it is available on the PopRe server, you will get an option to download it. If you press yes, the pack will be downloaded and installed and the game should launch. If you press no, the game will not launch and you will have to get the mappack some other way.
Map Hash Comparisons
When a game is launched the host will automatically send a short hash of all the multiplayer levels to all the players. If any of the other players' map files are not exactly the same as the host's, the game will not start, and a list of the bad files will show up as error text on the chat area of the player who had the files not matching the host.

Populous Options

Version Changelogs
Fix for Mobile MM chat being hidden
Fix laggy status on enter
Fixed config data not loading on startup
Made username selection show in player list
Fixed Populous autoupdate
Fixed away messages not visible to self
Added message rate limiting
Refactored chat systems
Fix for [] in name not completing connections
Added relogin command
Fix for wrong level reported
Refactored Zip functions
Fix screenshots and reduced bandwidth for stats
Made offline mode more p2p
Fixed curses not being sent from host
Added public status messages
Bug fixes for
Added 'Idle' and 'Game Setup' categories for player list
Added map search box
Added 'Report' context menu option
Added 'Resize MM' option
Saved games over 1 month old are automatically deleted
Fixed issues with hover on grades
Enabled support for encyption to server
Fixed incorrect level being reported
Fixed test maps not showing preview
DXWnd available for newer OSs
Made update messages more verbose
Font size is preserved on MM close
MM will resize when game is running
Players can be blocked by user ID
Added Populous auto-update
Added new host bot options
Added profile box
Added MM maximized state to save data
Added !shots command shortcut to screenshots folder
Added "Dial-up Mode" with reduced network usage in game
Added support for OBS Studio
Added "Private Message" button on player list context menu
Added hover text on player icons
Fixed html tags rendering
Fixed problems with 2v2 games not being reported
Experimental patch support
Better spectator connections
Added Features Selection
Fixed conference colors
Hut settings copied from last hosting
Added simple host bot functionality
Fixed 3D Preview
Fixed alignment of boxes at bottom
New and improved chat box
Players cannot join restricted huts
Fixes for joining spectators
Fixed mappack different error
Fixed chat not displaying after selecting text
Fixed streaming players sometimes placed in huts
Fixed green name missing when joining red as spectator
Huts restricted until loaded when entering lobby
Fixed away messages not loaded when entering lobby
Fixed players not able to join spectators when mappacks install too fast
Added easy streaming/recording options
Moved dxwnd into release
Updated to latest dxwnd version
Framerate increase for shaman deaths
View Stream opens in local media player if available
Fixed side panel appearing for watchers
Fixed 2v2 spectators freezing mid game
Map selected in MM shown first in game
Added new view stream options for twitch/PopRe/media player
Fixed userlist corrupting when sorting by rank
Added new API to allow for host bots
Pings can go higher than 511
Added options to filter full messages or PMs
Fixed players entering not getting all player hut positions
Automatic resync recovery
Save game packages created during some events in game
Added Load Game panel
Added support for Adobe Flash Media Live Encoder streaming detection
Fixed autoupdate and skin downloading issues
Fix for bad map installed when MotD missing
Constant.dat downloaded if found corrupt
Connection tweaks
MM is moved on screen if detected off screen
Fixed freeze when connecting
Fixed freeze generating map previews
Fixed 2v2 Spectators
Fixed non-grouped by game spacers showing up
Fixed Streaming notification
Backup server is used for game reports if main server is down
Added check for same constant file on launch
Minor bug fixes
Mappacks can contain replacement objects and constants
Added option to group players by game
Added Gabber Mode
Added Mappack sorting option
Some strings will be localized
Added warning if multiple mm running
Added support for new CONSTANT field in mappack.txt
Fix for error 51 when launching
Quick select mappack list updates when mappack browser refreshed
All DLLs copied in Pop dir
Ranks updated for people in huts
Pings updated when players move huts
Experimental pathfinding command added
Added new hosting classification: Restricted
Mappacks can contain replacement sounds
Error message pop-ups hidden
Updated Streaming detection for OBS 0.635
Unicode/Ansi Fixes
Updated network library
Updated OpenSSL
Fixed issues with blocking/unblocking
More players will be able to submit screenshots
Better gateway detection
Player list numbers should be more accurate
Removed check for disconnect button
Fixed installing extra data files for Mappacks
Fixed autologin with too many caps
Fixed error message when updating/reverting
Fixed MM not restarting on update
PMs notify in balloon if MM is minimized
Max game length reduced to 90 minutes
Hut ownership time increased from 5 microseconds to 5 seconds
Screenshots are sent slower
Fixed sound/data files not being copied
Fixed several exceptions
Populous started out of AppData directory
MM will eleveate within MM as needed
AutoUpdate improvements
IPv6 enabled for IRC and Web connections
Fixed sorting with custom away messages
Hut tooltip shows hut restrictions
Game will notify if permanently out of sync
Chat while paused for all versions
Build while paused disabled
Populous will not use 100% CPU
Fixed rotation with cursed players
HQ sound disabled if not installed
Revised and improved hut additions
Fix for reconnecting
Fix for random statuses
Added "Use Populous Resolution" option
Fixes for sequential port NATs
Fixes for login "Host not found"
Fixes for invalid cheat detection
Connection improvements
DxWnd improvements
Autoupdate improvements
Link colors updated on skin change
External IP correctly detected
Better connections on LAN
Added more hints for buttons
Resolution is set when game starts
Fixes for 3d map previews
Added Links panel
Fixed disconnect on conference invite
Other minor bug fixes
General bug fixes
Added button to hide lobby panel when not in hut
Automatic error reporting enabled
dxwnd will never start on win 8
Autoupdate requests admin if needed
Taskbar flashes on notifications
Various bug fixes and error messages
Fixed Test maps showing wrong previews
Languages can be changed (not all strings localized)
Fixed sorting by rank
Fixed host port not being sent to clients
Added more verbose error messages
Changed MM Icon
Redesigned MM UI
Upgraded compiler version
Added Login Window
Added Settings Window
Added Map Pack Browser
Added quick setting for map packs
Added Tray Icon
Added Minimize to tray option
Added "Allow blocked players in hut" option
Added "Notify on full hut" option
Added option to disable alert sound
Added option to automatically send screenshots to server
Added warning for high resolutions
Added ping display when joining hut
Players connect when joining hut, not launching
Added automatic firewall exception
Added IPv6 support
MM repairs Populous compatibility settings
!dir shortcut to Matchmaker data folder
Mappack Browser button is mod image
Minimize on sys tray click
Added loading screen
Added unicode support
Compatibility improvements
New and exiting curses
Updated streaming notification for new version of OBS
Added support for XSplit streaming
Fix connect issue when server down
Error handling of some messages
Fix for players joining with varying IP
Added help for setting twitch stream name
Error messages on closing removed
Fixed Matchmaker 'deleted' on update
Hosting level shown in options
Hosting tweaks
Map offsets for watchers disabled
Better non-host detection
Hosting fixes/improvements
Added ffmpeg support for streaming notifications
Unreasonable pings no longer displayed
Port check will originate from all unique sources
Game results re-sent if failed
Better hosting detection
Stability improvements
Cured sleep sickness
Fixed timeout issue on connection
Better host capability detection
Fewer stars
More complete hosting checks
Faster timeout on some failed hostings
Bug fix for mappack loaded at start up
Offset world to put 0,0 in back of map
Crash and error fixes
Fix for freeze on launch for joiners
Joiners will report to host if failed connection
Disallow name changes if login server is down
Potential speed ups in game
Fixed data restore issues
Added DxWnd integration
Bug fixes
Host watchers timeout fix
Color selector fix
Other bug fixes
Lagout reporting
Better IP detection
Correct name shown for non-connecters
Port scanning slowed down and alternates
ZoneAlarm detection
Watchers run through full connection process
Non-hosts can launch watchers
Fixed update as non-admin user into privilaged folder deleting mm
Fixed various error messages
Players can join host even if IP changes
Players launched into full game will be added as spectators
Added color selector
Fixed pile of errors on launch
Fixed kicking
Added !kick option to game setup
Connection port is stored
Other connection fixes
Added Run on Windows startup option
Connection fixes
Default resolution set higher
Changes to connection process
Faster ordered launch
Launch after in game causes cheat message fixed
Offline mode launch exception fixed
Network connection improvements
Host handoff will work for Capables and Possibles
Many tweaks to hosting
Ping function fixed
Names/colors show up on launch
Added host data logger
Changed relay binding to activate on connect instead of start
Launch check works with Possibles
Players can host other players on their own networks
Final check done before starting Populous
Fix to allow two players on the same IP to join the same game
Populous relay added to matchmaker
Improvments to allow better hosting
Game data shown on launch
Fix for levels directory not being fully copied and causing Populous crash
Restore command is much faster
Matchmaker automatically requests elevation when needed
Random maps show starting points in previews
Test maps have 3D previews
Added high framrate option
Matchmaker correctly identifies program directory
Added built in registration and password recovery
Removed Obelisk -> Gargoyle option (now default)
Added Randomize Colors option
Updated localizations
Added in-game hint for new players
Fixed a couple exceptions with skins and updating
Game data shown on hover over hut
Range Checking Error Disabled
Fix for quitters not reporting game results
Watchers report games
Armageddon timed games with watchers don't crash
Armageddon activates if shamans are dead
Games over 1.5 hours report length correctly
Mappack List updates from server on refresh
End game user agent set to PopMM
Unwieldly ping reports fixed
Only capable hosts allowed in host spot
Fix for players being excessively kicked
Fix for huts showing as restricted after player leaves
Fix for selecting watchers messing up hut settings
Mappack list cached (fixes error starting with Internet connection)
Offline Mode added (start matchmaker with -offline parameter)
Local Hosting removed (replaced by Offline Mode)
Better detection of IPs
Removed forwarding help for non-NATed machines
Kick option hidden when host first joins hut with others
Login restricted to only valid username characters
Re-Enabled AutoHut
Language set to Windows langauge on first launch
Huts with override set only show spaces for set number of players
In-Game framerate doubled
Ordered launch option removed (now default)
Missing CoR glitch discouraged
Game reports sent more times on failure
Host reports start allies of all players in case of missing start report
Auto-connect on open and login option added
Added game settings window
Added option to mark player as watcher (no in-game objects)
Added option to replace obelisks with gargoyles
Added Timed games ending in Armageddon, highest population wins, most kills wins, or most shaman kills wins
Added Map Additions
Fix for auto hut error
Level Detection Tweaks
Small bug fixes
Improvements in downloading files
Support for different grade points
Possibly better detection of map
Support for skin color variables
Port Tests order rearranged
Fix Mappacks not downloading
Fix for stuck in game
Fixes for hosting detection
Mappack system rewritten
Mappacks can be installed without admin access
Better detection of map played
Test map system added
Timestamps in chat added
Starting pings reported to server
Conferences show inviter
Blocked players are automatically kicked from hut
View Profiles works for left context menu
Fix for map names containing the number 1
Disable chat while playing added
Best teams show up for Yellow and Green
Messages can be up to 475 characters long
AutoHut tweaks
PMs show as colored in log files
Hosting abilities more closely match test results
Chat Windows Flash Less
Conference Invite changes
Ghosts leave huts on rejoin
Chat Windows Flash
PM Settings not lost on Language change
Added multi-language support
Fix for AVG warning
Fix for dismantle crash (found by Brandan)
Added support for other version
3D map previews (created by Onkar)
Improved autohut to be useful
Bug fixes including PM to players with ghosts, and ordered launch
Merged in autoupdate to mm
Previews for all skins on server work
Hut menu works and other bug fixes
Anti-spam filter
Context menu for players in huts
Bux fixes including similar names reporting
User Profile shortcuts
Hut data box can be minimized
Added hut data box
Added tribe rotation
Added player override
Added ordered launching
Added rank filtering
Autoupdate waits until game completed
Security Fixes
Number of huts reduced
Buttons under huts consolidated
Populous options in mm
MM will report last good state of crashed game
English only language filter
Fix for Windows 7 color glitch
Ping functionality
Fix for Mappacks with strange letters
Skin loading fixes
Huts loading fix
Games not reporting on second game fix
Better feedback on game reports
Hosting mode options
Game reporting improvements
More specific ranks
Rank ordering according to league table
Performance Improvements
Status icons and legend
Error numbers
Auto Hut: Automatic matchmaking
Best Teams notification on launch
End population reported
Improved report reliability
Advanced network settings hidden
Fix for long usernames not reporting games
Added Restore Levels function
Improved Error Messages
Scrolling and link bug fixes
Improved PM and Hut Password Security
Back-end command changes
Networking/SSL libraries upgraded
Ident Server built into Matchmaker
Added Hosting Ability Checks on Start
Added UPnP and NATPMP Automatic Port Forwarding
Added Clickable Links in chat
Chat area scrolling/selection improvements
Players no longer show up in wrong places on startup
Host can't kick people already in hut
Custom grades no longer allowed
Login Screen Changes
Added Tribe Starting Points on Map Preview
MM stored data directory changes
Improvements to mappack install system
Advanced game reporting
Minor Bug Fixes
Network Test
Security Fixes
Player list sync issues fix
Speed increases
Fixed hut freezing bug
Added "The Beginning" Mappack
Added Skin Manager
Fixed "excess flood" and auto-update bugs
Versioning modified + small fixes
Fixed problems with MM lagging and disconnecting players
Added Hut Passwords
Minor stability fixes
Added Custom Away Messages
Added Mappack Downloader
Added Mappack Download/Install on Launch
Added Auto-away
Added Nick Alerts
Added /me command
Added Nick Complete
Added Map Hash Comparisons
Added Random Map Generator
Added Ident Server for faster connections