Populous Reincarnated Matchmaker

Matchmaker Tutorial

The Populous: Reincarnated Matchmaker is a fan made software combining IRC with the multiplayer features and protocols of Populous: The Beginning. To keep this simple, the Matchmaker is a multiplayer client allowing you to connect with others to talk and play PopTB games. In order for this to work properly, you must have a download of The Multiplayer Essentials or the full game, a download of The Matchmaker, and have registered an account with PopRe.net. You may need the 1.03 collective patch if you downloaded the game from another source. When your downloads are fully installed and you have registered an account with PopRe.net open the MatchMaker to continue with this guide.

Picture of the Login Screen
The Login Screen.
  1. Your username is the same username you registered with on PopRe.net
  2. Your password is the same password you registered with on PopRe.net
  3. This is the login button. You must enter your username and password to connect to the server
  4. Quick link to PopRe.net
  5. Your matchmaker version number is displayed here. You must have an updated Matchmaker to connect

Picture of the Main Room The Main Room.

Center: Lobby

  1. This is the chat room. This stores all conversations, welcome messages, news, player logins/logoffs, and more.
  2. Welcome message is always the first message.
  3. This informs players of any new changes or additions to the community. Below recent update is where the the conversations are held.
  4. On the bottom of the Matchmaker is the text-entry bar. This is where you may type your messages and commands. All commands can be found here. *NEEDS A HYPERLINK

Right side: Online Lists

  1. The far right side of the Matchmaker is the player waiting list. At the top of this box is a white bar to reorganize players based on rank "R", name "Name", and status "S". Below this white bar is a list showing the players waiting, a list showing the players idling, and a list showing players in a game.
  2. At the bottom right corner of the player waiting list box is a tab for legend. This box shows you the different symbols for the statuses we see in the lists.

Left: Game Room

  1. On the far left side of the Matchmaker is the game room. At the top of this area is the "Join Autohut" button. It'll semi-randomly place you in a hut to help get you into a game. Below the autohut button is a series of "Empty huts". Populous supports up to 4 players each taking one of the 4 tribes in the game. Each set of 4 huts will participate in the same game. Players who are capable of hosting will control all this game's settings. Unless you have hosting enabled, don't join the top hut. A link to our hosting guide. *NEEDS A HYPERLINK

Top: Features and boxes

  1. Map of the Day box is dedicated to a randomly selected map and Populous mods. The mods button will take you to another screen where you can view all of the game's mappacks and install the mappack you want to host.
  2. The Welcome Message box stores your welcome message even after conversations have drawn on for hours.
  3. Profile box gives a brief overview of your rank, points, wins this month, and how many more points you need to reach the next grade.
  4. Links box displays links for resources you may need.
  5. Hosting box informs you if your port check is capable of hosting, successful, unlikely to host, or unsuccessful. The port check button allows you to test your port. If you don't have the universal hosting functionality on your router, don't have your computer set to DMZ enabled through your router, haven't manually opened your ports on your router, or your firewall is blocking your ports, you will be unsuccessful when port checking. Refer to our hosting guide for more help. *NEEDS A HYPERLINK

Options Button and Logout

  1. The options button will open a new screen giving you access to different Populous and Matchmaker settings. You can enable twitch, manage blocked players, change in-game settings like resolution, find your Populous directory, and much more.
  2. Logout is going to disconnect you from the server. You will need to login again to connect to the server.

Mappack Browser

First image of Mods
The numbers in the image correspond with the numbers below.
  1. Allows you to switch between mappack views. This image is showing the "Search" page.
  2. Allows you to set your search criteria when seeking maps to play. Types, style, # of players, amount of land, amount of trees, map rating, ranked/unranked, and played/unplayed are all different criteria you may change to find something fitting your taste.
  3. This is your mappack and map list. In order to play a map you will need to install the mappack with that map.
  4. This button allows you to install the mappack with the map you have selected.
  5. If a change is made to the mappacks/maps while you're viewing you may press this to refresh the list. Useful if you're trying to test a newly submitted map.

*Anyone can create new maps with ALACN's World Editor and submit them for testing. Learn how to create new maps by checking out this Map Making Guide *NEEDS A HYPERLINK.

'Craters' is selected.
This image shows a general top-down view of the world and the map specific qualities (all the search criteria you may change when searching).

Mappacks are organized in alphabetical order (on the left) and maps in sequence of upload (in the center). The right side allows you to see the general top-down view of each map. I chose Craters again, for consistency. Above this image is a 3D Preview button. It opens up a new page to a 3D model of the world so you can see the height, shape, and layout of the land.

3D Preview of Craters. Darker areas show lower land and as it gets brighter, it'll be higher up.


The numbers in the picture correspond with the numbers below.

This picture is showing you what the MM looks like when you enter a "hosting hut" and/or installed a mappack/map. If you can't host, a red text may appear in the chat box informing you that you may experience difficulty trying to host.

  1. [War]Fireproof is in the hosting position (the top hut of this set of 4 huts).
  2. [War]Fireproof has moved out of the "Idle" list and into the "waiting" list.
  3. This box has changed to the "Players" box. You may request host, set the number of players, set spectators, manually change player tribe/color, and/or randomize colors.
  4. This box has changed to "Hut Settings". You may change your mappack, set a password, and limit which player grade is allowed to enter your hut.
  5. This box has changed to show your "Level". You may change the map but you're limited to the maps in your currently installed mappack. Change your mappack in the "Hut Settings" box.
  6. This box has changed to "Map Additions". These settings will give players 1 of any building you choose to have added. There's an added option to give players 50 starting braves and extra starting mana.
  7. This box has changed to "Game". In this box you can determine if your game is ranked/unranked, a timed game, and if there's a victory condition to win the game.

*Once all your settings have been decided and your huts are full, you may press the launch button to go into the game with the chosen settings and players waiting in your set of huts.

Options for the BETA version of Populous. Allows you to enable/disable mechanics that seem to break aspects of the game.


Populous Settings

On the Matchmaker, this screen will popup when you press the "Options" button.

  1. This is your Populous directory. It's important to know where your Populous game is installed because the Matchmaker needs your Populous folder in order to connect you into a game with other players. Altered files, changes to the game, changing game mechanics, and more is all done through the MM into your Populous directory.
  2. Populous version 1.01 is the original version of the Populous game. It does not reflect the collective 1.03 and modified 1.04 patches to improve the game. Beta is a specialty option if you enter the !beta command into the chat bar. It'll grant you the option to change your Populous game to the modified Beta version the PopRe team is working on, in order to improve the game.
  3. Software and Hardware modes change the quality of the game. It's rare but some people can run hardware so if you can't there's probably nothing you can do to make it work. Software mode is what most players use to run Populous. If you can run the Direct3D version of the game, Hardware mode should work for you on the MM, otherwise the game will crash every time.
  4. These are some game options. You may turn on/off enemies in the minimap, disable matchmaker conversations while playing online Populous, send screenshots to PopRe.net every minute (for collecting game information), and the number of allowed spectators.

Populous Graphics Settings

This page allows you to adjust your in-game Populous resolution, game quality, and enable DxWnd. DxWnd is a very important part of this page. Anyone who has difficulty running, playing, and/or issues with textures may need to use DxWnd for resolve. This works for some but not all.

Populous Controls Settings

Fix mouse should be enabled by default, which if it isn't it may cause the mouse to be inaccurate and/or jumpy. Autocast happens when you tell your Shaman to cast outside her max range for any spell and she'll move close enough to the target to cast her spell. Flip rotation changes your left/right keys when rotating the world. Stay selected allows you to select any units, issue a command, and stay selected. With it off, you'll issue a command and deselect the commanded units automatically. Rotation with CTRL requires you to hold CTRL to rotate the world, otherwise with it on your left/right keys will move the world left/right.

Populous Audio Settings

This page allows you to enable/disable sound and music or adjust the volumes of each. You may choose to enable High Quality but there's a really tiny difference that's unnoticeable unless you're trying to notice it.

Populous Network Settings

Useful for hosting if you know what you're doing. The port check, which is available in the lobby under the "Hosting" box, does the same thing. Dial-up mode is probably most useful for anyone with a very limited dial-up connection. Unless you know what you're doing, don't touch Custom External IP or Custom Binding IP. You may have a number like xx.xxx.xx.xxx and if you do, don't change it.

Would you like to stream your Populous matches? You can enable twitch streaming and once you have a twitch account, you can connect your Populous streaming to your Twitch account. Connected accounts will show the live stream on PopRe.net and a recording symbol on your username in the matchmaker when playing.

These functions are Matchmaker specific. You can have the MM open automatically when you turn your computer on, auto connect, save password, save chat log, and check for updates. The game settings option allows you to move the game settings to the bottom of the matchmaker.

You may enter a player's name in the white bar toward the bottom and block/unblock that player. Their name will appear on the right where they will be blocked. The only option you can change is allow/disallow them from joining your games. If these players change their name, they're no longer blocked.

You can show private messages in chat or in a popup window. Auto-away on mouse idle means you'll appear !away in the MM when you leave the mouse for awhile. Ignore clan tags means sorting players based on their name in alphabetical order, rather than based on tag. Group players by game will show players in game grouped together, if not they may be spread out in the playing list. Group chat allows multiple players to privately message each other at the same time, ignoring group chat invites disallows players from inviting you to these conversations. Time stamps will stamp each message in the lobby with a time.

Too young or dislike profanity? Use language filter to hide bad words. Dislike people who talk in nothing but caps? Force lowercase.

Notify on private messages allows to make a gong sound and flash orange at the bottom of your screen. Notify on full hut allows you to do something else until your game is full of people. Play alert sound allows the gong sound. Nick alerts allows the MM to notify you if someone mentions any words you add into the Nick Alerts.

This page is where you can install a custom designed skin for the Matchmaker. Icons, buttons, colors, and text will change from skin to skin. Choose a design you like and install. You may also create your own skin, here's how! *NEEDS A HYPERLINK

This last page allows you to start a bot for other players to command and use in order to host their matches. You may start bot when idle, start bot on MM startup, and run Populous in headless mode (no graphics).

This completes the navigation of the MM and location of the many features found throughout. If you have any questions or need further help, please refer to other tutorials *INSERT OTHER LINKS TO TUTORIALS! and the forums for additional assistance.

Version Changelogs
Fix error showing loaded mods
Fix DPI issues
Fix line-wrap for long names in Huts
Fix Scripts not being cleared from previous levels
Upgrade Delphi version
Fix mod panel display
Fix modloader being added with no mods
Update mod system to create and use loader script
Added mod panel visible when in hut
Automatically connect to alternative server on connection failure
Mods actually get installed
Added conversion of levl2 maps for mods
Fixed ClearAll button
Fixed deleted scripts showing errors
Added Mod Script support
Delphi Upgrade
Ikani library support
Added support for .wav and .ogg files in mappacks
Fixed custom sounds not extracting
Ensure ddraw used with 1.01 beta
Select new local port if desired port taken
Fix best teams not working when empty spot in hut
Fix .txt files not extracted in mappack
Helper Icon
Run connection tasks when connecting offline
Check for MS redistributable
Fix 1.5-b not selectable for levl3 maps
ddraw.ini updated if missing pop3 section
Added color selection menu
Added best teams color selection
Log files are split by day
Fixed spam filter
.json files no longer copied from SAVE dir
Added auto-pop updates after login
Added option to disable Populous updating
Added support for more mappacks
Added discord link support
Disabled game switching to full screen
Side panels expand with text size
Version always visible in hut
Moved Pop version selection to game settings panel
Changed default skin to PopBoots
Added 8p best teams
Added right-click on color to randomize
Improved reconnect delay
Fixed skin emoji size
Fixed error downloading new test maps
Fixed color selector
Fixed best teams display
Fixed freeze on loading new test map
Fixed launching issue
Fixed beta games reported as out of sync
Fixed spectators not working when joining Blue
Fix missing preview with random colors
Random colors hidden in tooltip
Added more colors to kick in game
Disable ratings for test maps
Removed feature panel from MM (builtin to pop)
Fixed scripts installation
Fixed color rotationa assignments
Disabled spectators from reporting stats
Mappacks download file based on version
Fixed random colors per player
Added support for mappack.txt SCRIPT: line, made HDR: line optional
For sure fixed game stats now for beta games
Disabled loading save games
Extended password field length
Rearranged map player filter
Disabled collapsing mappacks in search box
Fixed huts not appearing in Offline Mode
Improved dropdown updates
Allow saving position on second monitor
Allows unix line endings in mappack.txt
Delphi update
Automatically set Beta when players over 4
Improved pop updating on launch
Chat Threading Fix
Reduced timers
Updated display libraries
Updated random color selections allow randomize per player
Right clicking rotation second time restores colors
Randomize colors more
Fix beta specatators
Right/double click on rotate button will randomize
Textures are copied to pop runtime dir
Changed pop updates to https
Added 8 player support
Minimap shows new colors
Huts resize to players
Reduced network traffic joining hut
Protocol data update
Moved campaigns into own folder
Messages from mobile users marked as such
Moved update Populous install functions into background
Updated beta with new working dir
Added Direct3D 9 (ddraw) config options
Updated empty hut text
Disable spectating for cursed players
Added bot option: set version
Disable ratings for specators
Beta version always updated when running update
Disable Obelisks in beta
Added XP notifications
Added level-up sound
Added betting notification on game headers
Don't remove objects of extra players (for beta AI)
Emoji are stored locally after first download
Resend dropped packets to watchers from earliest to latest
Default compression is zip
Allowed extra files to be installed in levels dir
Updated max bitrate for capture to 6k
Fixed game link not showing at end of game
Fixed end game pop being 0 if host quit
Fixed settings panel freeze
Fixed end game report message
Added campaign support through Multiverse Launcher
Added player 'played' field
Added image support
Added emoji shortcodes
Fixed blacklist blocking people with similar names
Added changelogs to welcome message
More efficient loading of user data
Removed block/unblock on game header
Fixed tab complete showing same name twice
Fix for Test0 pack download
Fix for Mobile MM chat being hidden
Fix laggy status on enter
Added message rate limiting
Refactored chat systems
Bug fixes for
Enabled support for encyption to server
Fixed problems with 2v2 games not being reported
Experimental patch support
Better spectator connections
Added Features Selection
Fixed conference colors
Hut settings copied from last hosting
Added simple host bot functionality
Fixed 3D Preview
Fixed alignment of boxes at bottom
New and improved chat box
Players cannot join restricted huts
Fixes for joining spectators
Fixed mappack different error
Fixed chat not displaying after selecting text
New and exiting curses
Updated streaming notification for new version of OBS
Added support for XSplit streaming
Fix connect issue when server down
Error handling of some messages
Fix for players joining with varying IP
Added help for setting twitch stream name
Error messages on closing removed
Fixed Matchmaker 'deleted' on update
Hosting level shown in options
Hosting tweaks
Map offsets for watchers disabled
Better non-host detection
Hosting fixes/improvements
Added ffmpeg support for streaming notifications
Populous relay added to matchmaker
Improvments to allow better hosting
Game data shown on launch
Fix for levels directory not being fully copied and causing Populous crash
Restore command is much faster
Matchmaker automatically requests elevation when needed
Random maps show starting points in previews
Test maps have 3D previews
Added high framrate option
Matchmaker correctly identifies program directory
Added built in registration and password recovery
Removed Obelisk -> Gargoyle option (now default)
Added Randomize Colors option
Updated localizations
Added in-game hint for new players
Fixed a couple exceptions with skins and updating
Game data shown on hover over hut
Range Checking Error Disabled
Fix for quitters not reporting game results
Watchers report games
Armageddon timed games with watchers don't crash
Armageddon activates if shamans are dead
Games over 1.5 hours report length correctly
Mappack List updates from server on refresh
End game user agent set to PopMM
Unwieldly ping reports fixed
Only capable hosts allowed in host spot
Fix for players being excessively kicked
Chat Windows Flash Less
Conference Invite changes
Ghosts leave huts on rejoin
Chat Windows Flash
PM Settings not lost on Language change
Added multi-language support
Fix for AVG warning
Fix for dismantle crash (found by Brandan)
Added support for other version
3D map previews (created by Onkar)
Improved autohut to be useful
Bug fixes including PM to players with ghosts, and ordered launch
Merged in autoupdate to mm
Previews for all skins on server work
Hut menu works and other bug fixes
Anti-spam filter
Context menu for players in huts
Bux fixes including similar names reporting
User Profile shortcuts
Hut data box can be minimized
Added hut data box
Added tribe rotation
Added player override
Added ordered launching
Added rank filtering
Autoupdate waits until game completed
Security Fixes
Number of huts reduced
Buttons under huts consolidated
Populous options in mm
MM will report last good state of crashed game
English only language filter
Fix for Windows 7 color glitch
Ping functionality
Fix for Mappacks with strange letters
Skin loading fixes
Huts loading fix
Games not reporting on second game fix
Better feedback on game reports
Hosting mode options
Game reporting improvements
More specific ranks
Rank ordering according to league table
Performance Improvements
Status icons and legend
Error numbers
Auto Hut: Automatic matchmaking
Best Teams notification on launch
End population reported
Improved report reliability
Advanced network settings hidden
Fix for long usernames not reporting games
Added Restore Levels function
Improved Error Messages
Scrolling and link bug fixes
Improved PM and Hut Password Security
Back-end command changes
Networking/SSL libraries upgraded
Ident Server built into Matchmaker
Added Hosting Ability Checks on Start
Added UPnP and NATPMP Automatic Port Forwarding
Added Clickable Links in chat
Chat area scrolling/selection improvements
Players no longer show up in wrong places on startup
Host can't kick people already in hut
Custom grades no longer allowed
Login Screen Changes
Added Tribe Starting Points on Map Preview
MM stored data directory changes
Improvements to mappack install system
Advanced game reporting
Minor Bug Fixes
Network Test
Security Fixes
Player list sync issues fix
Speed increases
Fixed hut freezing bug
Added "The Beginning" Mappack
Added Skin Manager
Fixed "excess flood" and auto-update bugs
Versioning modified + small fixes
Fixed problems with MM lagging and disconnecting players
Added Hut Passwords
Minor stability fixes
Added Custom Away Messages
Added Mappack Downloader
Added Mappack Download/Install on Launch
Added Auto-away
Added Nick Alerts
Added /me command
Added Nick Complete
Added Map Hash Comparisons
Added Random Map Generator
Added Ident Server for faster connections