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Recent Updates:

  • 12/23/2017 - Populous X Skin Released
  • 11/14/2017 - A New Age (previously Constant Revolution) 2.0 Released
  • 10/1/2017 - League Season 2 Begins
  • 9/28/2017 - Purple is Real Emoticons too Released
  • 9/5/2017 - "Do you love Orange?" Skin Released
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New Mobile Matchmaker

Tuesday December 19, 2017 | by IncaWarrior

Android App Available Now!

The Matchmaker mobile app has been fully revamped with a slicker interface and more helpful information. The app now shows the huts, users, game statuses, ranks, and more!
Mobile App
The new Mobile App can be downloaded from the Google Play Store.

Mobile Access for other Devices

For everyone on iPhones, Windows Phone, or just a computer without the matchmaker installed, we’re also hosting a new web interface that looks just the same available at mm.popre.net


Season 2

Tuesday October 3, 2017 | by IncaWarrior

League tweaks

A few changes to the leagues for Season 2. The distribution of ranks will be weighted more towards the lower ranks and Shaman rank will be limited to 10 players.

There is also a new incentive to play for FireWarrior and Shaman level players - every day without a game played results in a loss of 2 points.

Season 1 Results

Congratulations to Nici, Skylo, and Spinnifix for coming in at the top of the season 1 league. The full final results can be viewed on the Season 1 League Page.


Seasonal Leagues

Wednesday June 21, 2017 | by IncaWarrior

Season 1 Begins July 1

We’re introducing seasons into the Populous league along side the standard long running league table. Season 1 will begin on July 1st and continue 3 months. Every quarter the new season will start.

In the new season, everyone will be reset to wildman, BUT you will get some credit for your standing in the previous season. It will be as follows:

  • A player will have 30% of their difference in mu from the start, essentially compressing the league.
  • Sigma will be increased to 6.0
  • Players will start out with credit for 5 games so they will only need to play 5 games to get a new rank
  • Players without previous season standings will start out as normal
  • Season 1 will use the the overall league as the previous season.

Updated Grade Distribution

Grades are going to be based on percentiles similar to how they were for the traditional league several years ago.
The top 10% of players will be shaman (up to 20), the top 1/3 of shaman players will be Shaman+ (up to 3)

Other ranks will be 20% of the non-shaman players each split equally into 3 for Grade+, Grade, and Grade-

Grades are calculated when you finish a game as expected and are re-calculated at the end of the day for everyone, including those that don’t play