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  • 4/3/2018 - Matchmaker Released
  • 3/12/2018 - Matchmaker Released
  • 2/21/2018 - Matchmaker Released
  • 12/23/2017 - Populous X Skin Released
  • 11/14/2017 - A New Age (previously Constant Revolution) 2.0 Released
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Matchmaker Released

Wednesday January 31, 2018 | by IncaWarrior

Requires Download

Due to some server changes, this version of the matchmaker cannot be automatically updated. Please download the matchmaker installer and reinstall. You will not be able to login if you do not.

Map Favorites

A new map favorites option has been added and populated with your top most played maps. Add or remove maps by clicking the heart on the map browser.


New Mobile Matchmaker

Tuesday December 19, 2017 | by IncaWarrior

Android App Available Now!

The Matchmaker mobile app has been fully revamped with a slicker interface and more helpful information. The app now shows the huts, users, game statuses, ranks, and more!
Mobile App
The new Mobile App can be downloaded from the Google Play Store.

Mobile Access for other Devices

For everyone on iPhones, Windows Phone, or just a computer without the matchmaker installed, we’re also hosting a new web interface that looks just the same available at mm.popre.net


Season 2

Tuesday October 3, 2017 | by IncaWarrior

League tweaks

A few changes to the leagues for Season 2. The distribution of ranks will be weighted more towards the lower ranks and Shaman rank will be limited to 10 players.

There is also a new incentive to play for FireWarrior and Shaman level players - every day without a game played results in a loss of 2 points.

Season 1 Results

Congratulations to Nici, Skylo, and Spinnifix for coming in at the top of the season 1 league. The full final results can be viewed on the Season 1 League Page.