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This page is designed to see what people are interested in for new features. Features can be for the website or matchmaker but should be changes in functionality rather than changes in policy (e.g. A feature to see previous names in the matchmaker would be good, a feature to allow multiple accounts would be a policy change and bad). Each user is granted 1 vote for every month they score more than 10 wins.

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MM Lobby for smartphones

Make matchmaker lobby chat for smartphones so people can chat while on work, etc with their mobile devices

179 -

Remember font size in MM

As the suggestion says, an option to remember the font size of text in the lobby after zooming in.

4 -

Save/Restore Failed Game

Allow games that crash or resync to be loaded from a save

99 -

Group players by game

Players in game would be grouped together by which game they’re in

35 -

Better blocking

Blocked players would stay blocked even after changing names

21 -

Dynamic Map packs

It would be a great feature to be able to scroll through lots of maps and add them to your personal favourites so you can launch with your own map pack.... e.g with pp, sess, doughnuts, tom and 4walls . Or have set dynamic map packs like the most popular, least played, large population maps etc... Also a good way to browse maps without clicking into map packs would be good.

2 -

Map Rating System

Give users ability to vote on maps/mappacks

22 -

Map browser search/filter

Add a search box or filters for maps in the mappack browser window

4 -

Private Message Filter

A filter the user can set to block out "join" "1v1" "J o i n" etc.

43 -

Report for quitters and bad persons

allow u to report persons that have a bad language or not help u or quit the game before this finish if someone get a number of report he get banned for a days or weeks

8 -

No sending data option.

There is "unranked game" option. But we need another option. No sending population data and winning and losing data from matchmaker while in game. Just send the result in the end. It gives us absolute less lag for farther players by not using network usage for those data. Matchmaker should not force us the lag by itself. If they are near, they don’t need to set this option.

86 -

Show Rotated starting positions in Minimap

Title says enough, although it would be nice to have more starting positions added to the rendomizer aswell, for now its not possible to choose setups like this: Blue stays as blue, red switches with green, Yellow stays as yellow. Or Blue switches with Yellow, Red stays as Red, Green stays as Green.

2 -

Quantitative Evaluation Of Ranks

The idea is very simple: Present the option for players to see not only the qualitative ranks (Shaman, FW, Prst, War, etc), but also have the option to show the players quantitative skill value. This could enable for more easily evaluate the real skill of players, and if possible, or needed, to easily make balanced teams.

1 -

Show previous name in MM

At least for some time add a tooltip to users with new name showing the old name

17 -

add Emojis in mm it would be a lot of fun

I think mm is not just for game...People in mm also enjoys chat..then why don’t mm add some Emojis in it so people can do a lot of fun

2 -

A map section on matchmaker for favourite maps

A section on the matchmaker where you can save your favourite maps so you can find them easily and play them anytime.

33 -

Extending Spectator mode

Extending the spectator mode to be able to switch between each player’s view.

1 -
# Website Feature Votes Voters

Invite to Clan Option

Clan administrators should have the ability to invite clanless players to their clan. This should include a little message in the MM "XXXX has invited you to join XXX (Link to clan page on Popre)"

14 -

Game bets

- Option to vote on the match winner. You can only vote if the game is starting (until minute 2). - Each match in the ’match history’ would then have a "bets" link to see everyone who placed a bet on that particular match, and the results. - There would be a betting league, only with people who bet at least once (or x times), to see the players accuracy and knowledge.

145 -
# Populous Feature Votes Voters

Mute players

(Inca says this is easy to do) Allow you to mute players ingame. In the options of the MM you can toggle between hearing only your allies and hearing everyone. Also a checkbox: "Mute everyone who I have blocked." (disabled by default)

23 -

Easy Streaming Setup

Have the mm automatically set up streaming configuration

6 -


With this option you Will be able to record the game. In the game menu, you could have available option "Record" and you could record some best moments or something unusual or even full game. In some ways it’s better then a stream because you get rid off lag, I mean you have less delay becasuse your streaming service uses the internet. You also have some other programs for local recording but you can use that in the midle of the game and you just need to click one button!If you have enough powerful computer, that could become very helpful thing.

18 -

Option to fix dodge glitch

actually, many people complain about this. the fix is almost done, we only need testers to test it, and more people to agree with the idea (many of them don’t accept changes - or they think that removing their advantage is unfair)

91 -

Fix lost clicks

Implement packet resender in MM options to fix lost clicks. Each packet is resent about 3 times (find best settings, perhaps customizable). If one of the players has it off, he will not resend packets and host will not resend packets to him. If host has it off, nobody resends packets to anyone.

44 -

Option to disable pause in games

An option where the host gets to choose if pause is allowed or not in his game, if he decides to disable the pause command, no one is able to pause in the entire game.

75 -

Allow 2v2 hostbots

Allow 2v2 hostbots by letting blue choose an available server from a list in the hut options. When launching the hostbot launches (with blue’s name) and everyone joins him, including blue, who joins as red and switches to blue as the game starts. Can use the work from spectator system.

5 -

Record games natively

MM option to record and play back games with the built-in Populous recorder (already proven to be possible), every recording from every game result should be playable

32 -

2on2 new league

This idea concerns a new league for 2on2s only. It would work exactly like the clan leagues system. The top team will be the one that end up with the most victories (of the month).

1 -

In-game beacon/ping

Very useful for team games (useless if you have no ally). What would happen is you assign a key (eg.: "G" key) and press that key anywhere on the map. What would happen is EVERY ally would recieve an alert (those alerts that fall down when something happens, like when an enemy casts a spell, or when your units are being preached). Your ally could then click that alert, and his camera would move to that place (where you pinged, using "G"). This would be very useful in team games, like to be a fast way of telling your teammate to look at some point on the map

7 -

Key configuration

Ability to remap keys that only affect the game and not the operating system. It is useful to remap right alt (patrolling button), space (hut entrance), the panel buttons etc. This way you can keep your left hand in one place the entire game and also become a faster player.

36 -

3 v 3

the opportunity to join 3 v 3

31 -

Window Mode

This will be an option for Populous: The Beginning. You can put the game in Windowed Mode so that it will not be fullscreen. This will enable to switch between screens and not minimize the game and you Can use " OBS Overlays " for custom streams so that it will fit into the overlay.

30 -