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This page is designed to see what people are interested in for new features. Features can be for the website or matchmaker but should be changes in functionality rather than changes in policy (e.g. A feature to see previous names in the matchmaker would be good, a feature to allow multiple accounts would be a policy change and bad). Each user is granted 1 vote for every month they score more than 10 wins.

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Matchmaker Localization

Update the matchmaker with the latest translations in all languages.

8 11

Restrictions in MM

Option to set restrictions which will be used ingame, this has to edit the lang.dat file so that all restrictions in the gamelobby become invisible so they cant be changed once the game is launched (deleting all entries in the lang.dat will make this possible)

2 7

Anonymous Ranked Matchmaking

LoL-style system; Make a button which you click and it automatically matches you up with players of your skill - you don’t know who they are until the game starts - and it finds as it is described in the Populous Council forum.

105 31

Custom Tribe Colors

Option for players to pick a custom color for their tribe

72 34

Invite to Game Option

Players who are in a hut waiting for a game should have the ability to invite players to join their hut. Instead of spamming "Join" a little message can be substituted with details about the match. This could also bypass "Blocking" and could be disabled by the player in Options.

15 17

Game launch sequence

Restrict entry into a hut for 10 seconds when the host has launched the game. This will eliminate those moments when you join a hut and then realise they are all now in game and you are by yourself ... no one wants to be lonely.

6 6

Single Player Map Testing

Allow players to launch a single player game with basic (Motionless AI) for Testing Maps. This is to ensure all components of a Map works before asking for players to test. Replacing Populous files can get messy and takes a lot of time. If a "Player" is needed, an ai "Player" could be created to automatically join a Testing game.

34 17

Friend List

A little tab to the side where you can add other players as friends so they are easier to find for future games.

12 14

constant.dat editor in the mm

Time for some fun. With this players will be able to play tweaked games. Just a break from the norm. Of course these matches should be none-ranked by default. Uber Shaman blast wars and more

13 7

Select Map Texture

Have an option to change the texture of whatever map you select to the specified one (0-Z). Could be host only if it changes the map’s header file, or player-specific if it replaces the files in the data folder. This would let you play games on common maps with different looks, so they’re less repetitive.

29 13

Change Color of Clan Admin Tag in Waiting/Playing List

On the Clan Page for each clan, give Admins the ability to change the color of the Admin Clan Tag. As a result, the clan tag for those admin will change in the waiting/playing list. Optional to admins of each clan.

23 10

Notes for certain acts

If you were muted, banned, kicked or whatever, there could be also given a reason why that happened. Means why were u muted, banned etc.

5 9

God Rank

A new rank should be created, the God rank.. So if following the ranking system and to discern the real best players, the God rank would be achieved if past 475 points.. This way the exaggeration of shaman players today could be eliminated, or, at least, that would mean less than today, so they could fight for a new category..

11 8


People with different hosting sites can’t put there links on popre because it only supports twitch so maybe make some kind of checkbox or something in which we can put our channel link so clicking on view stream can move watcher to the main site

18 7

Search Option in MM

The ability to search for word/words in the MM lobby like you do with "Ctrl + F" in internet browsers.

23 12

Veteran rank

for all players who have played over a period of time would get the optional rank of ’’veteran’’ a well earned rank for matchmaker loyalty.

5 5

veteran tag

for all players who have played over a period of time would get the option for using an additional username tag. ’’V[AsG]Username’’ to show fellow players that you are a loyal member to the community.

12 6

Option to download Terrain Style

An option where you can see, and pick what terrain style to download, also if it’s possible to make user pick a index (pal0-#), for example i want ’this’ texture to be on Pressure Point & Face Off, those maps using C (Pressure Point) & H (Face Off) slots, at the same time.

7 8

Option for mouse sensitivity

In game and in mathcmaker option, under control option, there would be option to adjust mouse sensitivity.

5 5

Who unpaused?

As the game is unpaused, there would be a message (in the chat area, with the colour of the player who unpaused the game) saying eg.: "Matt has unpaused the game" - it would disappear like the chat disappears, after some seconds. IF possible, a 1, 2 or 3 seconds countdown after someone unpauses, to alert the players, and to be fair for everyone (no surprise unpauses)

20 11


Show up nationalities in the mm, so the new players know who to ask doubts in his own languages.

37 22

Lock Teams

Add a setting in the matchmaker for the host to set and lock the teams prior to launching the game so teams cannot be changed in game.

17 5

Label/Description for Games

Allow hosts to put some text labeling the game such as "casual" or "blast wars"

19 4

Random Map Selector

Have the option to either select 10 of your favorite maps and have them randomly selected to play or random select any map in the game.

4 4

Hut Conferences

Automatically setup a conference for everyone who joins a hut and remove them when they leave

2 3

random map the generator

On the basis of how it is done in the Heroes of Might and Magic III. Being in host hut, instead of selecting a map, to be able to click on the button "random map" (as the Request Host)Be able to select the characteristics of the installation automatically or manually. characteristics : 1. The size of the map: large, medium and small. 2. The ratio of water and land: the island, continents, without water. 3. The relief: many mountains, hills, plains. 4. Trees: a lot, normal, small. 5. The presence of obelisks: a lot, a little, no.

3 3

Bird-Camera Button

Adding to Matchmaker option for start instantly with Bird Camera. This option is for people who is hard to start playing while pressing(-).

30 4

Report Button for bugged Maps

A button in the mappack menu where you can click on if you think the map is bugged or broken. You can then leave a message what exactly is wrong with the map you have chosen. A mappack administrator will get notified and can check the map for bugs.

11 3

Offline Players List

TheGabber would love a list of all players that have been online in the past month visible in the mm so you could email them or something

5 5

Changing option for game speed

It would be a whole new experience to actually play the game online on a higher speed. Dodging lightnings, building up a quick population/economy would be tougher and change the currently meta if it will get accepted by the community. The idea actually came to my mind because of AoE 2, on the hd version you play with 1.5 speed and on voobly (where all the pro players play) you play with 1.7 speed.

4 1

Combine PM windows into one ( tabbed PM window )

Think of a browser, tabs at the top with the name of each player. When you click on a tab, you see the chat history of that PM window.

1 2
# Website Feature Votes Voters

Allow comments under each feature request

Allow comments under each feature request on this webpage. This means we could comment on the ideas and maybe expand the idea. Make the comment trail for each request collapsible like the list of played games.

20 7

Matchmaker status on home page

Would be nice to see matchmaker status on the home page, which shows if the server is running or not, shows howmany people are online and waiting/playing in the lobby.

5 7

Additional Clan Admin Options

1) Allow clan owner to create different ranks on clan page and organize them in order of highest to lowest 2) Allow clan owner to give or take rights to recruit/dismiss players, change description or change website 3) Notify clan owner via automatically generated pm/e-mail of actions taken on the clan page 4) Give clan owner right to check all previous clan page actions (Promotion, Dismissed, Player Left) 5) Give clan owner right to undo previous action(s) on clan page, except when a player leaves

17 11

Special Temporary Tournament Category

Upon the start of a tournament, there should be created, as an option, a category under the forums page, just for the players participating in the tournament and tournament admins, which could be specified by the tournament creator. This would function just like the clan’s category that each have in the popre’s forum.. The tournament admins could create diferent threads that would be visible to the players participating in the tournament, regarding anything tournament related.. Upon tournament completion, this category would be deleted.. Such feature would facilitate enormously tournaments, especially 2v2 tournaments, so that everyone participating could have a place to arrange everything tournament related, especially times to play each matches, without having to use external platforms..

1 1

Expand Signature

You are tired of the short signature 205 Characters? Expand it from 205 to 405 or better.

3 1

Allow Comments inside each ’Game Full Result’

Allow comments at any game ’Full Result’ :)

20 3
# Populous Feature Votes Voters

Lagless follower selection

Implement instant follower selection to make the game playable with a high ping.

304 57

Voice Chat

Let players talk by voice in game

29 25

Ability to watch any running game natively (no streaming)

Anyone who is logged in on mm can watch any running game by just right clicking on players name(inside [---playing: x/x ---] column) and choosing "watch game";Pop will launch him as watcher & will show the game in real time.

91 36

Better Reconnection

Many people lag out and they can’t reconnect to the game back and you can’t even load the game. The best choice would be better reconnecting. This could be awesome. There is some way to do it. Need to sign now ;) Jasmin

6 5

In-game message receiver visibility

Before every in-game message the colors to whom the message is sent are shown. For example blue PMs red, red will know that only he/she sees the message ([color][name]->[red symbol] [message]). If the message is public, everyone will notice it as well. Something like this: http://i.imgur.com/Am818Ph.png

3 3

Chat/Pause log

Make a chat and pause event for each game. Record each player’s chat and who paused/unpaused the game.

10 7

Population counter

This feature would only work for spectators (not game watchers, as they can chat in game). A small feature displaying the max population of each tribe (maybe refresh every 5 seconds or 10, depending if it lags, or if requires many data usage). That way the spectator doesnt have to swap between tribes to check the pop of each person. (atm, swapping alot usually causes resyncs too). (this would work on the incoming replaying recorded games feature aswell i guess)

3 5

reliable hostbot 2v2

always available hostbot (as the Request Host) 2v2, 3v1, 2v1, 1v1

66 12

Custom angle on the Bird eye view camera.

We should be have the ability to set the camera angle to w/e we prefer in the bird eye view, for example alex had 90 degree top-down bird eye view using some hacks, and some player may like 60 degree anlge or maybe somewhere b/w normal bird eye and medium zoom view. This setting should be available in matchmaker settings for populous.

8 2

Populous FPS

Increase Populous FPS from 30 to 48. The new generation of players who cares about FPS need this and i’m sure the most of 70% want to increase fps. But why not 60? Because Populous looks extremly strange in 60 and 48 looks really smooth.

3 3

Tips and Messages

Tips for example "If you have Windows 7 or better, you might enable Dxwnd for fix wrong colors in game". Something like that, Tips every 10-15 mins and auto messages for new users.

2 2

Dynamic Stoneheads

Give an option to change the rewards and praying setup on Stoneheads according to the game length. Example: During the first 10 minutes of the game the stonehead gives reward X, 10+ minutes it gives the reward Y. Same could be applied to the amount of braves needed to pray and so on. This would add more complexity to the decision making in some maps.

14 4

Rising Sea

Add an option in game restrictions to enable this feature in order to set speed and intensity of "Rising Sea". Example 1: Rising sea - intensity=3 - speed=10 > this will make all land at 3 height sink to sea-level (0 height) every 10 seconds. Example 2: Rising Sea - intensity=1 - speed=60 > this will make all land at 1 height sink to sea-level (0 height) every 1 minute.

2 2

the ability to view all chat messages during the match.

this is especially true for those people who speak poorly, understand English, since the chat message disappears so quickly during the match that it is not always realistic to read it. it would be great to be able to press a hotkey and view the saved chat per the entire match from the very beginning! this is very important for those who do not speak English very well but will be able to read what people are saying and understand what was said.

61 8