Divinity’s Slaves

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Divinity’s Slaves
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Do you want to be one of Divinity’s slaves? Are you preacher or higher rank?
(if not, try on our academy first: AvA)

Apply at your own risk!

Our clan consists on:

- God (Divinity)
- Slaves (to serve and honor him)

This Populous clan was made to create a better, stronger and healthier community. Here, almost everyone is equal. Even sess lovers are welcome!
Our clan has a solid website, member base, and internal forum, where we discuss everything.
All the other clans are considered enemies. Players without clan that don’t apply are also considered targets to put down.
My slaves are still better than the average person, and are usually well treated and fed. They must be good at populous, too.



- Gylala, the rice harvester
- Bugajek, the carpenter
- DaFishorange, the tobacco harvester
- Marty_McFly, the cook
- Kenan, the broom and shovel expert
- xfiresx15, the weaver
- Dodo, the toilet cleaner
- Genki, the railroad builder
- T-Rod, the cotton picker
- Kosjak, the clothes washer
- Baxter, the babysitter
- Hermione, the butcher
- DSanchez86, the pillow maker
- Santiml, the Stables Cleaner
- Impboy, the leather artisan
- Brigadierfromunit, the Ironworker
- Pharaoh, the stone carrier
- ShadowAbyss, the chamber musician
- Hallo11, the 468th anti-poison food tester
- WamBam, the felching pro
- Leaf, the miner
- Thinkhail, the boot polisher
- ssp2020, the stone carrier
- Delax, the fishing dragon
- Addiction, the Congo’s oil driller
- Ice-T, the farmer


- Bianca, the cheesy obese rat (demoted to tdm)
- Lovenji (demoted to OP, that’s bad enough no need to be offensive :kekw:)
- RBWilson (demoted to GoD LMFAO fkin loser)

=AvA Stealing Members=
- Hallo11 (demoted to ava lul)
- 007s (demoted to ava zomegalul)
- arcayno (demoted to ava gigalul)
- 00shaman (demoted to ava cmonbruh)
- pharaoh (demoted to ava rip)
- s0ma (demoted to ava nice ava m8)

Main targets:

aSg, SW, tdm, OP

nici, gabber, inca, haru, matt, mixjumpen, mammy, tsu, madskillz, brandan, minibot_UK, sherminator31, macca



Addiction likes men

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