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We are OverPowered. We are a clan who is willing to have fun and enjoy the game, and we’re willing to increase our member count! We’re friendly and there will be fair play in our games. We are up for any clan tournament or anything that involves the fun of this old game, We’re a clan that is willing to take populous serious and shall our members be polite and have fun. OverPowered is a clan that is going to increase Populous overall skill and increase competition as well. Our member base will be full of good people that are motivated to improve their skills. The most important rules are: -No quitting,Enjoy the game, Fair play towards anyone. We’re a democracy, everyone has a right of speech. We are always looking for skilled people, not only skilled, but also good personalities that fascinate the Matchmaker daily. Click here to apply! Make sure to message one of the admins so you get the necessary role to fill out the application form. May OP become the best new clan ! Have fun (:

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