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Silent Warriors
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Any player that wants to join our clan has to go through this guide!

Our Forum

I want to clarify our clans aim, purpose why it has been started and where do we want to arrive together.
The Reason why it has been started:

It was just the Desire of having a clan where we can feel ’Home’ where each member is a Friend. In Pop:Re community we often play Bad/pussy/lagging/boring/quitting games, people join in lobby but there aren’t active players or there are players who are no Fun leading to long and bored hours until u get a game. SW members will have less of those problems:

1.We are Active.

2.We have members of all skill levels.

3.Our members must play according to the rules, securing Good Games.

4.Clan Members will play together, securing more games per the same time spend in mm and no boring waiting time.

5.We play vs strong clans and other skilled players improving by each game.

and that’s our objective, to make Populous playing more fun while we grow together to Pros.

Now to the Rules:

1.The most important rule is to respect every Friend of yours. If a member of SW is not your friend than you should quit. Arguing or quarreling with your Team Mates leads without any other warning to getting immediately kicked from the clan.

2.Playing with your Team Mates should always be priority.

3.Being active in Forum.(in order to know each other better)

4.Fair-Play, very Important for the respect we get from other clans. [Up to now we are a Fair-Play clan, proved by the desire and fun other clans have to play with us, yes mostly TDM as all others are dead]

5.Behaving, never argue with other players.

6.Our players are not allowed to play Sessumnir Palace.*Already not applicable*

Beside to the first rule in others You will be warned. 5 warning Points get you fired from our Brotherhood.

Violating the 2nd rule two Warning Points(WPs).

Violating the 3rd rule one WP.

Violating the 4th rule two WPs.

Violating the 5th rule one WP.

Violating the 6th rule will give you a warning and the Kick if repeated! If you repeat the violation of the same rule its WPs will increase by one.

Our Standards:

From now on each player that wants to join SW has to go under the examination of Dominant so to decide if his skill meets our Clans requirements. As previously stated if he has a bad relationship with any other member he will be denied[rule #1], until our member states that their relationship has improved.

~~ Actually, if u wanna join SW, when u request SW you’ve to wait for 1 month to get an answer, yes or no,if yes u will be accepted as a recruit, then after one week as a member of SW. ~~ We are an auspicious clan, we have very intelligent individuals and it’s a fun time to be around with u guys, lets make this last forever.

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