The Synthetic Immortals

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The Synthetic Immortals
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Welcome to the clan page for The Synthetic Immortals!

If you wish to find out more about us, look no further than this page.

TSI is a clan of skilled, determined people, who strive to be the best. We don’t just accept members for skill, however, we welcome people with a good attitude to populous, and good potential. Members must not only abide by the rules and code of conduct that they agree to when making a popre account, but they must keep the spirit of the game alive, and represent the clan with honour and respect.

We are not just a band of populous players, but a community also. Members must be active on the forums and the matchmaker, although we understand that not everyone can be online all the time.

If you wish to check out the forums, or any part of the website visit us via the link provided above.

We ask for nothing from anyone else. We will set out to earn respect as a clan. We will grow together.

We are...The Synthetic Immortals

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