The Dark Masters

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The Dark Masters
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Thank you for taking interest in The Dark Masters. For over 12 years, TDM was one of the most active and competitive clans to have ever graced the Populous: The Beginning online community. TDM is also the longest standing, active clan in Populous history. Over the years we have had the privilege of developing and housing some of the greatest and most legendary players. Walhallah, Slayer, Raven, Genesis, Keith52, Supertribe, Chanaman, Ada1054, Joe, Nefarius, Shao, and Tsuyoshi are just some of the greats that have worn our tag. Many of them have spread their wings and started their own clans, or found that they were better suited for other homes. Once full of youthful optimism and spirit, TDM is now a much more mature group of casual players, mostly over 30.

If you are interested in joining, please contact Powerof3 in the matchmaker, forums, or at

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