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The Chiefs

Clan Information:

Clan Name:
The Chiefs
Clan Tag:
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Hello we are the Chiefs and you need to know:
We play for fun. We dont quit games, so if you are quitter, you can say bye. If you lose, be a good looser.
Basically, you can join, just ask friendly :)
WE respect each other and other people so there is no insulting. Please, keep that in mind. Respect other opinions.

This is our forum, please create an account here when you joined us: http://thechiefs.createaforum.com/

The idea of our clan you can see here: http://thechiefs.createaforum.com/general-discussion/the-reason-for-making-this-clan/

Our tag is Chf, but we wish you to put _chief behind your name.
If you don’t know how to join our clan, but you want to, this video will help you :)


We are also known for having the most members in our clan.

Thanks for taking the time for reading this Jasmin_Chief

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