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By [TDM]Smudgey
To celebrate TDM's 5th Birthday in Populous we have launched a series of Pyramid games for every player in Populous. All the details can be found on our forums where the games will be taking place.


Register an account and one of our admins will activate it and you will be able to sign up from there!

Good luck,
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By [AsG]Ragnj
Im down for DS and CR (no t0t? :( ).

GL HF Smudgey looks like it could be fun.
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By [TDM]Smudgey
If theres enough demand for TOT ill add it.
By Kiyana
tot would be nice
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By [AsG]Radiance
Sorry, but only users granted special access can read topics in this forum.

someone sort it out?
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By [AsG]Radiance
problem solved, but for your information i was already registered :|
By swords
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By Drake
should be fun this :)
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By [AsG]Sub_Zero
You don't really need luck because it's never ending :\
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By applebule5_TN
Ive emailed 4 an acount and have been waiting 4 a week but no email has come ????? y :???:
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By [AsG]MentiX
4 weeks or for a week?
By Kiyana
i reckon smudge needs a bit of help with updating the pyramids so that the players won't be so confused about who they need to play with.
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By [TDM]Raven
yeah. smudgey has some problems with his computer, but we are working on the pyramids and they should be updated shortly.
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By [TDM]Smudgey
Ok Pyramids have been updated thanks to Red and High Mage. Happy playing :)
By Kiyana
did you guys discuss about the pyramid games ending on 31st july?
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By [TDM]Walhallah
they end on july 31st, as can be read in the news bar