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Best clan?

Asgard [AsG]
The Dark Masters [TDM]
Gods of Destruction [GoD]
By swords
Poll about the best clans and which you think is the best.

If you would like to pick something else post it here.
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By swords
I voted GoD.
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By [AsG]Storm
Why is this not in Clan dicussion?
By swords
Forgot ;/
By Shao_OP
But the title says favorite clan not best clan. :S
By [Rw]Fury
GoD's already died once. Why would you be in favour of a clan that can't keep itself alive?
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By Tjured
clans blow?
if you dont have a favourite clan, you neednt vote, fool ;)
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By [TDM]Raven
and still you can't spell "Suleiman" right. :O ;)
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By Marc
my favourite is tdf :D 8) :p
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By Suleiman
blade wrote:clans blow?
if you dont have a favourite clan, you neednt vote, fool ;)
Kind of missed the point of the post, dumbass.
By swords
Just keep posting :/
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By [AsG]Howl
I think the poll is pretty conclusive.
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By [AsG]Hundredth
We've had this poll before, AsG won. and i'd just like to say how Firegay goes back to his 'clans blow' opinion only after he gets rejected from GoD!
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By Suleiman
Actually I didn't get rejected. I had basically gotten all "yes" votes. I don't know what exactly happened but a few members reassured me that it wasn't because I lost in the poll.

So basically, Hundeth, you sooperstar who everyone "admires," you, my post saying "clans blow" meant that clans basically blow. They're erected, they live a sucky year or two, they die, and nobody cares. Clans blow.
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By [AsG]Adz
We will win by default, TDM'ers are hardly active enough to vote in any significant number GoD are to illiterate to use the forums and vote in any significant number, and all the individuals that suck up to clans with hope of getting in, will vote AsG, then post "I voted AsG :D ".
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By [AsG]Ragnj
Adz wrote:and all the individuals that suck up to clans with hope of getting in, will vote AsG, then post "I voted AsG :D ".
Two weeks ago that was so you :lol:
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By [AsG]Adz
Which proves it works! Kinda...
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By Lich
AsG is over rated, yeah they have some of the best players in the game, but what they also have is arrogance, poor attitudes toward other players, all around cherrypies most of them(not all), therefore even if they would accept me(which I doubt they would since half of populous doesnt know me) I wouldnt even apply. clans should be based on more than just skill, and all AsG cares about is skill, GoD has the spirit of TDM and skill close to that of AsG, therefore even though I'm a TDMer at heart, I voted GoD.
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By [AsG]Adz
[GoD]Keith181 wrote: all AsG cares about is skill,
That is the most wrong, inaccurate dumbass statement anyone could ever have put in these here forums. And anyway, all TDM seem to care about these day is quantity over quality.
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By Lich
yeah ok adz... its obvious that u dont spend enough time in the lobby, seeing everything all the AsG players say to other players, thier attitudes proves one thing about the recuitment policy of AsG, all the care about is skill. who cares if thier nice or not.
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