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By [AsG]Ragnj
I present to you, the God Of CRATERS:


with 2-0 in games vs MentiX in the finals.

Final standings:

1. Ragnj
2. MentiX
3. Storm
4. Orange_Warrior
5-6. Vlekkie & Hard-Wear (dq)
7-8. Chanaman & Hundredth
9-12. BlackWidow (dq), Keith52, NanoSaurus & Radiance
13-16. Walhallah, Salty, Fury & Raven

Ok its time to decide whos the best Craters player in the world.

Its the same format as the GoG tourney, 16 players, Double bracket.

Brackets: <a href="">God Of Craters Tournament</a>


Ragnj vs MentiX (2-0)

Winner bracket final

Ragnj vs Storm (2-0)


Ragnj (yellow) vs MentiX (green)

Storm (green) vs Hard-Wear (yellow)


Ragnj (yellow) vs Hundredth (green)

MentiX vs NanoSaurus

Vlekkie (yellow) vs Hard-Wear (green)

Storm (yellow) vs Chanaman (green)


Ragnj (green) vs Walhallah (yellow)

BlackWidow (green) vs Hundredth (yellow)

MentiX (yellow) vs Keith52 (green)

NanoSaurus (yellow) vs Salty (green)

Fury (yellow) vs Vlekkie (green)

Hard-Wear (green) vs Orange_Warrior (yellow)

Storm (yellow) vs Radiance (green)

Chanaman (green) vs Acid (yellow)


These spells should be on in all games:

Ghost Army

These buildings should be on in all games:

Firewarrior Hut
Warrior Hut

You can use different res/colours if BOTH of you agree, otherwise these will be used.

Dont use watchers land, conv their wildies and dont use the incative head.

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By [AsG]Howl
On this level, charge LB then fill in your crater. It also helps to convert some wildmen, but not all of them, some have hygiene issues.
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By [AsG]Sub_Zero
Then we'll have a god of face off, then a god of pp, then make the GOG tourny make no sense whatsoever! :O
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By [AsG]Ragnj
Il never host a PP or Fo tournament, Il promise you that Subber.
By [Rw]Fury
Whos got spots so far?
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By [AsG]Adz
I don't get them that much, but have Clearsil handy just in case...
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By killerfrog57
Face off is too restricted to be a tourny map. The player who gets the middle should win.
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By [AsG]Ragnj
Not really, but its the map that I were terminated at in the GoG tourney, so never again

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By [AsG]Hundredth
where's my fish invite you piece of gonorrhea :cuss: :cuss:
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By Drake
lol yah whos in the tourny so far?
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By [AsG]Sub_Zero
[AsG]Hundredth wrote:where's my fish invite you piece of gonorrhea :cuss: :cuss:

Maybe you arn't a god!
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By [AsG]Hundredth
[AsG]Sub Zero wrote:
[AsG]Hundredth wrote:where's my fish invite you piece of gonorrhea :cuss: :cuss:

Maybe you arn't a god!
Doesn't say you have to be a 'god', the person who wins is the 'god' presumably
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By [AsG]Sub_Zero
Oh! Well you wern't invited cos they don't think you'll be a god!
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By killerfrog57
what is your idea of "god", i mean how good do you have to be to be a god?
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By [AsG]Ragnj
Were Full.

If you want in ask to be put on the reserves list and pray to god someone breaks his pinkey finger.
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By [AsG]Sub_Zero
lol at not getting invited

No need to pray, at least 4 will drop out
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By [AsG]Howl
What about me :(

I can LB in under 4 minutes :o
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By [AsG]MentiX
Hope there will be a GoFo tourny after this :roll:
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By [AsG]Howl
Heehee you said gofo!