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By [AsG]Ragnj
ITS OVER, the God Of Gods is hereby declared, Sub_Zero.

Final standings:

1. Sub_Zero
2. BlackWidow
3. NanoSaurus
4. MentiX
5-6. Chanaman & Supertribe
7-8. Ragnj & Walhallah
9-12. Shao, Storm, Keith52 & Black_Wolf
13-16. MooresMurder, Dark_Touch, Slayer & Fury

Ok so this is the official thread were you will find seeds, brackets and all other useful info.

- : Grand Finals, maps PP (Sub), CR (Sub) and FO : -

Sub_Zero vs BlackWidow

- : Loser Bracket Final, maps PP (BW), CR( BW) and FO (Nano) : -

NanoSaurus vs BlackWidow

- : Winner Bracket Final, maps PP (Sub), CR (Nano) and FO (Sub). : -

Sub_Zero vs NanoSaurus

- : 3rd round, map is Pressure Point, bold indicates the winner : -

Sub_Zero (Red) vs Chana (Yellow)

NanoSaurus (Red) vs Supertribe (Yellow)

- : 2nd round, map is Craters, bold indicates the winner : -

Sub_Zero (Green) vs Walhallah (Yellow)

BlackWidow vs Chana

MentiX (Green) vs NanoSaurus (Yellow)

Ragnj (Yellow) vs Supertribe (Green)

- : 1st round, map is Face Off, bold indicates the winner : -

Sub_Zero (Red) vs Convict (Yellow)

Walhallah (Red) vs MooresMurder (Yellow)

BlackWidow (Red) vs Storm (Yellow)

Chana (Red) vs Dark_Touch (Yellow)

Keith52 (Yellow) vs MentiX (Red)

Slayer (Yellow) vs NanoSaurus (Red)

Fury (Yellow) vs Ragnj (Red)

Supertribe (Yellow) vs Black_Wolf (Red)

This is an invite only tournament so if you arent contacted about participating your not in.

The participants have been selected after ranking lists contributed by Sub_Zero, Supertribe and Chanaman, some editing were made to put active players before inactive but no drastic changes have been made.

This is a Double elemination type tournament for 16 participants. This means that if you lose you arent out, you just go down to loser bracket and get a new chance to show that you are the God Of Gods. If you lose in the loser bracket on the other hand, your out.

Brackets: <a href="">God Of Gods Populous Tournament</a>

There you can also see the map rotation.

Colours are these if nothing else is agreed between the two players playing in that specific game:

FO: Red vs Yellow

CR: Green vs Yellow

PP: Red vs Yellow

The colours are prediceded by coin flip and will be announced along with the match ups (remember you can still change inbetween youreselves!).

The players will themselves find a decent host.

These spells should be on in all games:

Convert (yes, even on FO)
Ghost Army

These buildings should be on in all games:

Firewarrior Hut
Warrior Hut

Some special notes on the maps:


*Dont conv in the watchers bases, you are allowed to conv around the hill but not past the small hills of the watchers.

*Dont use/harvest watchers trees.

*Dont pray for the boat/spy statue.


*Dont connect to watchers land and/or the inactive stonehead (the one between the watchers).


*You can build as far as you want on the strip from your base towards the watchers, the strips from the watchers towards the middle and between the watchers plus the watchers bases are not to be used, neither for building, harvesting of converting.


Watchers will convert the wildmen in their bases, watch the above map specefics to know whats your "base".

Watchers will not build or use any spells (except convert).

If you are uncertian of some rule or something else dont be afraid to ask, it might save you alot of trouble.

Ofcourse there will be mishaps with braves auto harvesting in watchers bases etc but dont freak out, just take a ss and we (the admins) will discuss it after the game. We will problaly not disqualify/ pledge for a rematch for minimal mishaps even if they are against the rules. But if we notice that someone constantly "break" rules even if they are mishaps we might take actions.

You got around a week to get your game played. If you dont think theres a big chance that you and your opponent will be on at the same time you got to sort it out between eachother, get a date and a time when you both can play and PLAY.

In about a week me and Raven will start to look at whos making an effort and whos not and put in reserves.

Ragnj & Raven
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By [GoD]Khaos
I couldve sworn it was only the other day I was told my God of Gods tourny would never materialise..

Proves what we can do as a community..nice work Raven & Ragnj :D
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By Pink
No-one said it wouldn't materialise, just that it would end up failing. There's a difference between organising a tournament and getting everyone to play it. Still, you've went this far so good luck with the rest.
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By [AsG]Storm
Well if thye try to get rid of inactives it should work... then there's the brain-dead people >.>
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By Pink
[AsG]Storm wrote:then there's the brain-dead people >.>
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By [AsG]Storm
Yeah cus people gonna be scared to play me! Then it won't work!
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By [TDM]Raven
I can tell you this; things are looking REALLY good! We've asked 8 players so far, and everybody wants to participate. :)
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By [AsG]Storm
Who's in so far?
By [Rw]Fury
Well yeah, small difference between getting players and playing the match. What of the players dislike eachother and refuse to talk? Small things like this need to be sorted.
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By [AsG]Storm
But that's no fun!
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By [AsG]Sub_Zero
Getting a decent host and dealing with people quitting but saying they lagged out will be the main problems
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By [AsG]Storm
Shouldn't we try to get some main watchers like 10 to report the results. (If they're online, of course)
By [Rw]Fury
"Watchers" Anyone can watch. Its not like its a specific skill.
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By [AsG]Storm
Yeah but 10 who HAVE to watch when there's a game going on so they can report the result.. if it lagged/ lagged out blah blah blah
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By [TDM]Raven
Yeah, we need watchers, and we need hosts, since it's more fair if none of the participating players host. Although it could be possible for them to reach their own agreements and so on. What do you think? Should we decide colours for each map that must be followed or should the players be able to decide themselves and use our rules if they can't agree?
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By [AsG]Storm
Set rules for each game so no arguements.
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By [AsG]Sub_Zero
Stop saying watchers, that word reminds me of hosters. What we need is 2 Spectators, preferablly the organisers of the tourny to make sure theres no rule breaking and take screenshots now n then!
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By Supertribe
I <3 myself.

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By [GoD]Khaos
I'll spectate the games along with someone else and make sure there is no rule breaking or foul play, screenshots is a good idea.
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By [AsG]Storm
Yeah aslong as you don't spectate a game with Convict :\
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