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By [TDM]Walhallah
<img src="http://www.thedarkmasters.com/1.gif" width="150" height="150"><img src="http://www.thedarkmasters.com/3.gif" width="150" height="150"><img src="http://www.thedarkmasters.com/2.gif" width="150" height="150">

Hello dearest populous friends, fans, rivals and enemies

As you will understand it is with great pleasure that we can announce that this year we will celebrate

<font color="red">TDM's 5TH BIRTHDAY ! </font>

Since we think 5 years of existence is a great achievement for a populous clan, we wont let this occasion pass without a party!

What exactly we will do is not sure yet, but without a doubt we will come up with some activities, most likely in the summer, to bring the spirit of TDM to YOU. Also the rest of the year we will show you what a great clan we are.

Maybe there will be games? Tournies? Pie? Who knows. Stay tuned!

In case you dont know, we can still be found at:


Celebrate with us!
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By [AsG]Adz
[TDM]Walhallah wrote:without a doubt we will come up with some activities,
These will of course be virtual, online activities?
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By Supertribe
Gangbang, pyama, LAN parties at wal's home.
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By [TDM]Raven
Congrats TDM! :) Forever in my <3.. ;)
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By The_Zodiac
Who brought the champaign :shock:

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By [Rw]Ninety
[TDM]Walhallah wrote: Maybe there will be games? Tournies? Pie? Who knows. Stay tuned!
hmmmm pieeeee

oh and congrats! for another 5 years!
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By Suleiman
[GoD]Tundar wrote:Happy Birthday.
Party At Wally's!!!!
Don't think you can fit too many people into a trailer...

Kidding, Wal.
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By red_ruM
hi, im here for the gangbang
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By [AsG]Ragnj
Who you trying to kidd arnie pyama and LAN is yo thang.
By Bury
Certainly a big achievement! Nice :)
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By The_Zodiac
Loving the "How to spot a nerd" part of yer sig, Red. :lol:
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By [AsG]Adz
Does it change weekly or just whenever the hell you feel like it? Or when you see something that outnerds the previous thing?
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By Pink
TBH nothing outnerds the Keith quote he had, along the lines of: "Yeah she's one of my exes, I had her on my top friends of MySpace for a while"
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By Suleiman
Well I like to change it up a bit, so basically its just whenever I see something nerdy someone's said and its been a while since I've changed it.
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By [AsG]Adz
Stop trying to steal their thunder! Make your on topic and get abused there, dont ruin this one.
TDM = :shoka:
PoP = :???: